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What We Do for Businesses


Make The Most Of has a special mission for businesses. Our mission is to provide a transparent, cost effective online sales and marketing platform for micro and small to medium sized businesses (SME's) who provide, or sell, a quality product or service to their customers. We use a number of content driven MTMO digital marketing strategies to connect businesses with their customers in a transparent way that attracts no commissions. This includes MTMO webpages, affordable SEO, blogs and social media posts, all for an annual fixed fees.
For more information please contact us via 01352 720354 or by email on OR


The Make The Most Of ethos underlines the way we share digital marketing strategies, including technology, to connect businesses with their customers, creating an online digital marketing and trading platform that facilitates the sharing of trade, eCommerce and business information via the internet and World Wide Web. You can find out more here. You may also be interested in reading our About Make The Most Of pages. 

Make The Most Of Business Digital Marketing

How does Make The Most Of Operate?

We  Listen & Learn

We listen to you and learn as much from you as we can about your business, service and products so that we can promote your unique story online.

We Research 

We research your unique business keywords and marketplace to ensure your Unique Selling Points (USP) becomes part of your digital marketing strategy. 

We Adapt

We adapt and create your content, blogs and messages as part of a digital marketing strategy to connect your business or products to your customers in a way that is search engine friendly (SEO).

 eg:- 91% of UK internet users search Google before buying or engaging a service

         94% UK mobile searches are on Google

We Evolve

MTMO provides an online marketing strategy for your business to complement your existing online promotion. 

Every marketing strategy will evolve through regular, feedback and assessment taking on board any changes you make within your business.

Free consultation 

If you are business and would like to find out more about the online digital advertising and marketing services we offer, please click this link.