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Communities are stronger together
  • Communities are stronger together
  • Businesses working together with communities are stronger

Communities Are Stronger Working Together


Communities working together are stronger. Communities come in all shapes and sizes, adding variety and a synergy that connect a group of people or businesses together, to share in a common ideology and set of goals. By taking this principle to the digital arena, it is possible to create online communities that mirror those that exist in the physical world, where people participate, share, interact and collaborate to achieve success together for themselves and others. Here at MTMO we understand we are living in a changing world. Resources are often limited, different challenges face individuals and business owners every day and the internet plays a huge part in how young people connect with their peers - all relevant when trying to reach your audience in today's competitive income generating world. Here at MTMO we offer communities unique opportunities to participate in a digital marketing strategy that reflects what happens offline, sharing in the benefits that reduce the costs, complications and time consuming elements associated with online promotion and a digital marketing strategy. To find out how your group, club, business group, high street, charity, or organisation can benefit from our inclusive online community strategy, call Peter Denton on 07760749082.
For further information, please email [email protected] or call 07760749082. OR


Making Offline Communities Stronger Together Online is key to the work we undertake here at MTMO. Our ethos is all about facilitating collaborating opportunities for a variety of businesses, communities and other organisations. By creating a range of communities online that expand and reflect offline communities, we can support and promote all the businesses and organisations that choose to participate together.  

Participation, sharing, collaborating and working on creating inclusive strategies that reach a wider audience, telling the story of the community and those who take part, is key to the MTMO digital marketing formula, all adopted to support and promote the community as a whole, as well as participating individuals, businesses and/or group members.

We understand the many challenges facing many organisations and businesses working in the physical world, where sharing information to raise awareness is a priority both online and offline. Physical communities working together can move forward to create an integrated, inclusive, profitable and cohesive society that benefits all.

That is why we work with individual communities to ascertain their own priorities, before creating their unique digital marketing plan. Raising awareness and revenue in as many ways as possible is essential for the success, growth and longevity of businesses, NFP organisations and charities. Collaboration and sustainability are vital components for encouraging communities to work together. In the end businesses together with communities are also stronger.

The MTMO team understand the underlying challenges facing organisations and businesses working in communities, and therefore offer a number of affordable and sustainable bespoke options to assist, including a digital marketing strategy, brainstorming, revenue generation, social media and blogging.

MTMO online communities could be any of the following;

  • A group of independent businesses
  • A street of shops
  • A town
  • A charity
  • A sporting club
  • A creative group
  • A NFP organisation
  • A youth group
  • A high street
  • A community group
  • A young mums group

If you would like to find out more and think we can help, please send an email to [email protected] and Peter or Louise will get back to you. Alternatively telephone Peter directly on 07760749082. We are here to help and share ideas where we can.