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The Ethos Behind  Make The Most Of
  • The Ethos Behind  Make The Most Of

The Ethos Behind Make The Most of


Make The Most Of has a community ethos at its heart. It is about connecting people. We aim to reflect online what happens offline within physical communities. By sharing information online about businesses, products and services we help consumers find what they are looking for. By sharing information about what is happening in communities through our news snippets and community pages, we are able to connect people and share ideas to harness collaborations that happen organically. We believe that by bringing businesses and organisations together digitally, we can develop a variety of ways to facilitate collaborations, referrals and introductions that work effectively in the physical world. Businesses and a variety of other organisations, can make the most of opportunities that our collaborative approach to digital marketing gives as it encourages participation, interaction, engagement and sharing. By applying a formula that captures a content driven, cost effective transparent business model, Make The Most Of offers the foundation for businesses and others, to enjoy the benefits of new marketing and technological developments as they evolve on the MTMO digital platform. Our free to use mobile friendly Snippets webpage is designed for sharing business and community news, as well as giving customers' an opportunity to share their news & reviews too. It also offers communities a place to post their local news & promote events to raise awareness and encourage support via search engines such as Google.
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The Ethos of Make The Most Of is rooted in community. Make The Most Of offers businesses, charities, sports clubs, guilds and NFP organisations a different approach to digital marketing. By creating online business communities that capitalise on what exists and evolves in the physical world we can work together to create messages and content that search engines respond to. Whether it is a business community, High Street, school, or another type of organisation, participation and interaction is essential when driving an online community forward so that it translates into the physical world. Raising awareness and connecting people is key. MTMO is all about weaving information together digitally for the benefit of the business, their customers and the communities in which they operate. 

Collaborative partnerships can achieve so much more when businesses and other organisations work together to harvest the benefits for themselves through greater customer interaction, personalised service and community engagement. MTMO offers a unique business model that focuses on sharing information, referrals and a shared cost digital strategy that benefits all participants.

Communities often work together in the physical world, so pulling them together online shares their news digitally too. This offers opportunities for interaction, training, business growth and sustainability.

Businesses and communities working together are stronger when tackling digital, consumer and social challenges that evolve daily. It allows everyone to invest in new and emerging technologies together reducing financial barriers to entry, encouraging greater innovation, interaction and participation.

Collaboration, interaction and participation are key to sharing in the benefits of a joined up offer that organically, over time, grows. The synergy between all MTMO community participants encourage a shared philosophy that benefits businesses and the communities in which they operate.

If you are a business, NFP, charity, school, sports club or other community based business, please get in touch to see if we can help. Building blocks and small steps are the first shoots at grass root level and we are here to find innovative sustainable ways to support your online visibility. Greater in numbers is also important for driving interest in community activity - online and offline. 

Call Peter on 07760749082 or Louise on 07917876819 for further information on how you can get involved with the MTMO community and its benefits.