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Country Manor House Rescue Service with Rosset Bespoke Butlers
  • Country Manor House Rescue Service with Rosset Bespoke Butlers

Country Manor House Rescue Service


Country houses sometimes need to find new ways of generating income, especially as overheads increase. Simeon of Rosset Bespoke Butlers offers a brainstorming mentoring consultancy service to help county house owners harness new ways of bringing revenues to their door.
Please contact Simeon Rosset by phone 07766080059 or email [email protected] OR


Simeon Rosset loves to work with country house owners in a way that allows them to explore new ideas for generating income from their grand houses, estates and land. Running costs for estates and country manor houses are ever increasing and finding new ways to work is essential for landowners if properties are to stay within families for future generations.

Simeon's many connections made through his line of work and business, Rosset Bespoke Butlers, allows him to make introductions to create new business partnerships between different businesses and landowners, opening up new income generating schemes for their land and home.

Simeon uses his skills, acquired from many years of working in the hospitality industry sector with private hotels and country estates, to mentor country manor house owners through brainstorming exercises to define rescue packages for their estates, so that they may keep the property and land in their own hands for future generations.

As a result of Simeon connections and mentoring services, it is possible in the right circumstances to create long lasting profitable relationships with other businesses who can provide for example;

Outdoor pursuits

Wedding planning services

Marquee venue hire for corporate events

Workshop holidays

Long weekend retreats

Pamper weekends

Private house parties

Teaming up with Rosset Bespoke Butlers can also ensure referral work for weddings and house parties as a unilateral business arrangement for country mansions and manor houses with estate lands.

If you are the owner of a country house and would like some rescue ideas to generate income for your estate and country house then please get in touch with Simeon at [email protected] or by telephone 0141 246 1805 or 07766080059, he would love to hear from you.