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  1. One to One Mentoring for Business Development with Janet Matthews

    One to One Mentoring for Business Development

    One to one mentoring will help business growth on a personal, professional and business level, especially if tailored to tackle the many challenges in today’s workplace. Introducing timely one to one mentoring and coaching will go a long way to iron out the difficulties faced by business owners, managers, visionaries, employers or employees. Janet Matthews Business Coach and Mentor has over 24 years’ experience dealing with a range of situations that arise in the workplace, especially when change is required to steer business growth and personal development to achieve set goals and targets. Having support, mentoring and coaching at the right time and presented in the right way, will help you achieve and aspire to your maximum potential. Call Janet Matthews on 0751 9121993 for a no-obligation chat to see whether she can help you in business today.
  2. Commission Indoor & Outdoor Furniture in Wood with Adam Evans JakJam Ltd

    Commission Indoor & Outdoor Furniture in Wood & Steel

    If it a wedding gift, or a gift for your home and garden, commission Adam Evans of JakJam Ltd to work his magic handcrafting a unique piece of furniture from wood and steel. Whether it is a designer piece of furniture made from a single tree trunk, or a spalted beech serving board that starts from only £15, there is something for everyone, however big or small the commission. There is even a range of elegant but practical portable steel fire pits available to make that ideal gift for a new home or wedding, as well as an excellent choice for taking on a Glamping trip with family, or attending a festival with friends. If you have a design in mind and would like to find out more please contact Adam directly on 077743800863.
  3. The Ethos Behind  Make The Most Of

    The Ethos Behind Make The Most of

    Make The Most Of has a community ethos at its heart. It is about connecting people. We aim to reflect online what happens offline within physical communities. By sharing information online about businesses, products and services we help consumers find what they are looking for. By sharing information about what is happening in communities through our news snippets and community pages, we are able to connect people and share ideas to harness collaborations that happen organically. We believe that by bringing businesses and organisations together digitally, we can develop a variety of ways to facilitate collaborations, referrals and introductions that work effectively in the physical world. Businesses and a variety of other organisations, can make the most of opportunities that our collaborative approach to digital marketing gives as it encourages participation, interaction, engagement and sharing. By applying a formula that captures a content driven, cost effective transparent business model, Make The Most Of offers the foundation for businesses and others, to enjoy the benefits of new marketing and technological developments as they evolve on the MTMO digital platform. Our free to use mobile friendly Snippets webpage is designed for sharing business and community news, as well as giving customers' an opportunity to share their news & reviews too. It also offers communities a place to post their local news & promote events to raise awareness and encourage support via search engines such as Google.
  4. Make The Most Of Customers

    Our Make The Most Of Customers

    Participation is key to the Make The Most Of community. Customers are just as important to MTMO and all the businesses and organisations we promote. Customers visiting the Make The Most of website are able to contact, interact and buy directly from a featured business, or seller with no commissions paid on referral or sale. If you wish to contact a featured organisation, we aim to highlight the information you require in advance of you making your approach, be it as a volunteer, a client or a community leader. Referrals are important too and by creating easy ways for you to find the information you are looking for is important to us. Make The Most Of operates a uniquely transparent business model to enable all participating businesses and organisations to build relationships directly with you, delivering a more personalised service and experience that is often missing in the digital arena. Our aim is to help you find what you are looking for when you browse the internet and enter your key search phrases in your online search bars.
  5. About Make The Most Of

    The Make The Most Of Story

    Make The Most Of is all about building online communities to replicate those that exist in the physical world, of which there are many. MTMO started as a grass root privately run project in the small town of Caerwys in North Wales. From humble beginnings in the 'Old Butchers Shop' on the High Street, Make The Most Of created a space for locals to sell products they made. This was an initiative to help creative people supplement their incomes in a time when austerity measures were only just starting to impact. In 2012, Make The Most Of moved online. By listening, learning, researching and adapting, Make The Most Of evolved to create a digital marketing platform to help businesses meet changing consumer expectations and reach them online whatever the sector. MTMO continues to explore new ways of connecting customers with businesses, services, sellers and communities through a uniquely transparent business model that is all about getting the job done! MTMO is about sharing information and giving consumers what they need when searching the internet for a business, service, product, shop, place to stay and things to do. It is about bringing all the threads of real life together online to support businesses and their customers in as many ways as possible, which means physical communities too.
  6. XERO Cloud Accounting Software for Small Businesses

    XERO Cloud Accounting Software for Small Businesses

    Not only is Xero a practical accounting software, it is easy to use and lives in the cloud, allowing you to access it from anywhere over the internet, even from your mobile phone, making it easy for you to keep your accounts up to date on the go. Xero accounting software offers a multitude of time saving intuitive tools to help you run and grow your business. With real time views of your cashflow and accounts at your fingertips, this convenient accounts software is perfect for small businesses and the self-employed. Getting started is easy with the right accountant. Accredited Xero trainers, Williams Denton Accountants will help get you started so that you make the most of Xero, the best accounting software on the market.Call Adam today on telephone on 01492 877478 to find out more.
  7. Seascape Uplift Awake Oil

    Seascape Uplift Awake Oil

    Eucalyptus oil is known for its cooling invigorating sensations. The Seascape Uplift Awake Oil is an alarm clock in a bottle and ideal for waking up the senses first thing in the morning or during a sluggish afternoon when tiredness sets in! Instead of reaching for a strong coffee try rolling on a natural Eucalyptus infused uplifting oil that has an extra zing of Lime essential oil to energize the body and Lavender to refresh the senses. Seascape excels in providing little helpful remedies to see us through the day and this Uplift Awake Oil is packaged so you can use it conveniently at a moment’s notice.
  8. Jelly Beans by artist David Merrills

    David Merrills Artist, Caewys, North Wales

    You can visit David Merrills at The Old Butchers Studio at Liverpool House, High Street, Caerwys in North Wales, where you will find him busy at work. A talented artist who works mainly in oils, you will discover a range of colourful, interesting and large paintings to view and buy. As an artist David Merrills uses light to develop texture and a 3D effect within his paintings.
  9. On The Corner Coffee Shop & Café, Caerwys, North Wales

    On The Corner Coffee Shop & Café, Caerwys, North Wales

    On The Corner Coffee Shop & Café is located on the Square in Caerwys and offers hot and cold food, sandwiches and a popular ‘All Day Breakfast’. Open Monday to Friday 7 am to 5 pm, Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm and Sundays and Bank Holidays 9 am to 2 pm. On The Corner is a great friendly place to meet up with friends and family over coffee, afternoon tea or lunch. A hot and cold takeaway service is always available, which includes freshly made sandwiches, ideal for picking up on the way to work. On The Corner also offer a local outside catering service and will cater for parties, including kids parties.
  10. The Oaks Touring Park, Lloc, North Wales

    Seasonal Touring Pitches At The Oaks Touring Park, North Wales

    Seasonal touring pitches available on The Oaks Touring Park at Misty Waters Holiday Park North Wales. A quiet tranquil holiday park with large spacious touring pitches, open countryside views and a dog friendly atmosphere. Electricity and water available available to each seasonal pitch. The Oaks Touring Park is located just off junction 31 of the A55 and is within easy reach of Chester, Wirral, Merseyside, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent. If you are looking for a quiet relaxed holiday destination in the open countryside of North Wales then The Oaks Touring Park is for you. Call Jonathan on 07771801951 to make our reservation today.
  11. Amish Country Style Patchwork Quilts

    These Amish Country Style Patchwork Quilts are perfect for creating a clean crisp feel to your bedroom decor, and with choices available to fit a single or double bed, you are sure to find a design that will work in a children's bedroom, a gentleman's bachelor pad, or a family home. The Welsh Strippy Quilt is taken from an Amish patchwork design that was originally adapted from the mid 19th century quilts made by the Welsh immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. These Amish Country Style Patchwork Quilts are bold and colourful and are ideal for brightening up a plain interior design, suiting a minimalistic shabby chic style. The Little Red Square Quilt is perfect for a children's bedroom and makes an ideal heirloom quilt too, whereas the luxury Welsh Strippey Quilts with their bold colours make great comforters for adults who want to brighten up the inside of a holiday home, log cabin, boat or barge.
    from £180.00
  12. Extension - Building & Planning Consultancy North Wales, GBS Design Services

    Building & Planning Consultancy North Wales

    Building & Planning Consultancy is often the best way to start a building project. If you are looking to start a building project in North Wales or Chester then GBD Design Services are based in Holywell and will be happy to advise, draw up plans and help with any planning issues after a site visit and consultation. Geoff Brown of GBD Design Services offers a friendly consultation service, which includes advice on eco- friendly and self build projects.
  13. North Wales Building Planning Services, GBD Design Services

    North Wales Building Planning Services

    Geoff Brown of GBS Design Services is based in North Wales and offers Building Planning Services to guide a build project from inception to completion. With most building projects you are required to submit architectural drawings, building plans, building regulation drawings and planning applications. GBD Design Services will help you plan your building project and advise on whether you require other supporting professional reports, such as visual impact assessments. If you need a set of plans drawing then this is also a service offered by GBS Design Services and although based in Holywell North Wales, Geoff Brown has clients in Chester and the West of England too.
  14. North Wales Building Support Services - GBS Design Services

    North Wales & Chester Building Support Service

    GBS Design Services is a North Wales & Chester Building Support Service that will help you manage a build project from start to finish. Geoff Brown is also able to act as a Building Control Assessor for stage by stage sign off on key stages of your build, to ensure compliance with building regulations and planning permissions. Geoff Brown of GBS Designs offers a national service & although based in Holywell in North Wales he is happy to take on clients throughout the UK.
  15. Luxury Indigo Shibori Design Silk Cushions

    These unique hand dyed silk indigo cushions have been created using a traditional Japanese printing design technique called Shibori. By folding and compressing the silk fabric by hand with indigo dye, Vintage and Floral London have created an adaptable textile that becomes a work of art. By adding hand quilting to the silk fabric, Jennifer creates a beautiful range of Luxury Indigo Shibori Design Silk Cushions that are all individually inspiring and perfect for chic home interiors that have a minimal appeal, or a blue toned theme. As these Luxury Indigo Shibori Design Silk Cushions have been layered inside against the silk fabric, they are robust and soft to the touch, making them very adaptable for use within the home.
  16. Indigo Shibori Design Silk Scarf by Vintage and Floral

    These beautiful soft Indigo Shibori Design Silk Scarves by Vintage and Floral London are perfect for complementing a smart casual outfit. The indigo blues in these hand dyed silk scarves will work well with a jacket, or a white shirt and jeans. Light and airy, the Indigo Shibori Design Silk Scarf is finished with a hand rolled edge to complete the quality look. Each silk scarf is hand dyed in natural indigo, making them unique fashion accessories, as no two are ever the same. These silk scarves make excellent gifts as they come gift boxed too, perfect for birthday presents delivered to the door. Choose between a Chiffon Silk or Ponge Silk version of the Indigo Shibori Design Scarf, team it up with your favourite jewellery and set out to enjoy your day. Oh and don't forget the sunglasses!
    from £90.00
  17. Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt Vintage and Floral London

    Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt

    A Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt is a handmade quilt that has been made from clothes, cloth, lace, or textiles that once belonged or resonated with a loved one who has passed away. Parting with a lost loved one's clothing full of memories is often difficult and by creating a beautiful, artful and inspired Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt, it is possible to keep someone loved close. A Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt is a thoughtful and gentle way to give comfort at a sad and sorrowful time and the perfect way to bring treasured memories into everyday life. Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilts come in all shapes and sizes to suit style, décor, or use. A comfort blanket or throw for cosy warmth on the bed or sofa are two options and a wall hanging another. Vintage and Floral London will work sympathetically with you to create your own Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt, understanding only too well how therapeutic such a project can be at a time of loss, sorrow and heartache.
  18. Traditional American Log Cabin Quilt

    These limited edition Traditional American Log Cabin Quilts are made by Vintage and Floral London. By using a block quilting design these log cabin quilts capture the essence of one of the oldest American quilt pattern traditions that date back to around 1860. The bold clockwise strips of Navy Blue & White, or Mustard & Dark Beige are a fabulous way to add a dramatic colour scheme to a bedroom and is a perfect light weight but warm bed cover for a single bed or cot bed. The Traditional American Log Cabin Quilt is an excellent option for a boy’s bedroom as it is engaging, fun and inspiring with a minimalistic appeal and no fuss. As there are only 9 of each design, these Traditional American Log Cabin Quilts are great to pass down the generations too. There is also a big retro version of the Mustard & Dark Beige Log Cabin Quilt that is suitable as a medium weight bed covering, or wall hanging, either way they will add a touch of rustic chic style to your home.
    from £180.00
  19. Digital Marketing For North Wales Businesses

    Affordable North Wales Digital Marketing is ideal for businesses looking for an online marketing strategy that includes digital adverts that will reach a wider customer base online. With changing customer expectations and the ways people source what they are looking for, North Wales businesses must continually find new ways to shout out about what they do, offer, provide, or sell – no business is immune! As part of an overall digital marketing strategy for North Wales, Make The Most Of digital marketing platform is offering North Wales business mobile friendly optimised digital adverts. We want North Wales businesses to Make The Most Of affordable online digital advertising and marketing opportunities that are hassle free and time saving and become an active member of the digital marketing strategy for North Wales. Make The Most Of is a digital marketing platform designed to build on existing off line communities, because businesses are stronger standing together.
  20. Marbled Pillar Candles

    Purple pink and multi-coloured Marbled Pillar Candles are a great way to add stylish colour to your home decor. These hand painted Candles In Bloom are non scented tall square candles that have swirls of colour to inspire your home interiors project and with an attractive price tag they make great gift ideas too. If you love to entertain, then these Marbled Pillar Candles are an ideal choice if you have a bold colour scheme to play with, as they are sure to brighten up your dining table. If you have a dinner date, add one of these tall candles to a flower centrepiece for ambient romantic lighting. These marbled candles are not scented so will not over power your evening. Every inspiring Marbled Pillar Candle will add a contemporary feel to your dining area, ensuring a warm welcome for all your guests.
  21. Anvil Pottery Llanrhaeadr Denbigh, North Wales

    North Wales Anvil Pottery Denbigh

    Anvil pottery can be found in what was once the village smithy in Llanrhaeadr near Denbigh North Wales. When visiting you will find potters Allan Hughes and Krithia Roberts making pots, who are dedicated artisan potters creating beautiful Stoneware and Earthenware pottery for the home, churches, retreats, events, florists, corporate gifts and the hospitality trade. The pottery they make is oven to tableware, durable, strong, dishwasher and microwave proof. The pottery kiln and glazing area is based in the old shoeing bay where up to 20 horses a day were shod up until the mid 1950's.The workshop occupies the old forge, where the workbenches and fire pit can still be seen. Anvil pottery is opposite the church of St Dyfnog where there is a famous, complete Jesse window dating back to 1533. If you are in North Wales a visit to Anvil pottery is a must, as you are sure to receive a warm welcome from the expert, friendly potters who welcome all visitors.
  22. Roy Kellett Caravan Dealers, North Wales

    Roy Kellett Caravan Dealers, North Wales

    Roy Kellett Caravans Dealers are based in North Wales and offer a wide range of new and used caravan holiday homes for sale from their showground in Towyn. With over 40 years’ experience as a caravan dealers in North Wales and Cheshire, Roy Kellett Caravans have forged excellent working relationships with caravan holiday home manufacturers and park owners to give their customers the best possible service when they are choosing a new caravan holiday home. So if you are undecided on your holiday home choice but have a caravan holiday park in mind, take a a look around the 150 new and used caravans, including the latest holiday homes from leading UK manufacturers, at the showgrounds at Towyn, Pensarn Abegele and Talacre. Roy Kellett Caravans offer a one stop shop for buying and delivering your new holiday home, making sure you start your holidays peacefully.
  23. Welsh Stoneware Teapots

    These beautiful handmade stoneware teapots are made in North Wales. Strong and durable the cobalt blue oxide glazed stoneware teapots are perfect for serving breakfast in bed, or a rustic afternoon tea. This traditional stoneware teapot has the perfect pour with a large easy grip handle that remains cold to the touch when tea is brewing, making it easy to lift when pouring. You can even choose between Art Deco inspired patterns, or a Welsh Celtic themed flower design. As each of these Welsh Stoneware Teapots are handmade, they will vary on firing, making them unique as well as robust. They are suitable for everyday use, are dishwasher safe and easy to care for - ideal for busy lives and wedding gift ideas.
  24. Miniature Perfumes for Corporate Events

    Miniature Perfumes for Corporate Events

    Miniature perfumes make excellent additions to corporate event goody bag giveaways and when it’s party time, or a charity function giving luxury thoughtful table gifts is also important. These Art Deco mini perfume bottles come in a choice of shapes and fragrance to suit the occasion and are bound to impress. Miniature perfume specialist Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes will supply a range of fragrances with personalised notecards in velvet cloth bags and many of his indie perfumes are also unisex, making them ideal for corporate event goody bag fillers.
  25. Boutique Wedding Florist Paisley - Flowers By Claire

    Flowers By Claire, Paisley, Scotland

    Paisley florist for Wedding flowers, birthday bouquets, celebration flowers, or just a hand tied bouquet to say 'I love you', are all available for from boutique florist Flowers By Claire. If you are looking for a boutique florist in the Paisley area of Scotland who can create and deliver your bouquet, or flower arrangement in the way that you want, then Flowers by Claire is a local, independent boutique florist who delivers her beautiful handmade bouquets throughout Paisley and Glasgow in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Flowers by Claire are personally designed to suit any occasion and with a bespoke florist service, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Call Claire today on 07855735715 to place your order.
  26. Commission A Painting Gift Voucher with artist Jude McKenna

    Commission A Painting Gift Voucher

    Commission an abstract landscape artist who paints in oils as a gift voucher for a collector of art or the person who has everything. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to art, and paintings can be a very personal gift, but get it wrong and the recipient won’t thank you for it! Solve the problem by buying them a gift voucher that commissions British artist Jude McKenna and let her work on a brief to suit, in her style, to the satisfaction of everyone. With her emotive use of colour, Jude Mckenna is an excellent choice for those who love to collect contemplative or nostalgic landscape art. If you are struggling for a wedding gift, retirement gift, anniversary gift, or special birthday present, then think about buying a thoughtful and meaningful painting gift voucher and let the recipient work with Jude on a work of art that suits their taste and where they wish to hang it. You will be thanked for the originality of your gift!
  27. Art As A Bespoke Wedding Gift from Jude McKenna

    Art As A Bespoke Wedding Gift

    To commission a piece of art as a bespoke wedding gift offers you the opportunity to give your bride and groom an heirloom that can be treasured for future generations. A commissioned piece of art makes the perfect thoughtful wedding gift, especially if your bride and groom have a colour theme and style in mind for their new home. As a parent or grandparent there is no better way to gift something so wonderful, especially if the bride and groom are included in the project from the start, to ensure their bespoke art wedding gift is exactly what they would choose for themselves. Jude McKenna, a Gloucester based artist specialises in contemporary abstract landscape art using oils. Her artwork captures the emotions of escapism, romance and sensuality in imagined contemplative landscapes, or nostalgic landscapes - all perfect themes for a bespoke wedding gift picture! Jude loves to work on unique and bespoke abstract painting commissions where she can play with colour, texture and light to suit the final hanging place.
  28. Perfume Wedding Favours - Pell Wall Perfumes

    Perfume Wedding Favours

    Perfume wedding favours make perfect gifts for your bridal party and guests. Add a thoughtful touch to your wedding reception tables with one of these perfume goody bags that come presented with a card describing the inspiration behind the fragrance. You can even commission your own bespoke wedding perfume. These mini fragrances from Pell Wall Perfumes are beautifully presented in sophisticated Art Deco inspired vintage style perfume bottles and come packaged in a velvet bag with room for you to add your own personal message too. Perfume is a great wedding favour idea and is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.
  29. Bespoke Private White Label Perfume Manufacturer, Pell Wall Perfumes

    Private White Label Perfume Manufacturer

    Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes is a Private White Label Manufacturer stocking over 300 quality perfume making ingredients and materials. If you are looking to create your own signature fragrance or perfume, then perfumer Chris Bartlett is the perfect choice as your private white label manufacturer, as he works closely to a brief for small and large brands, creating white label perfumes that are individual and distinctive. By working closely with brands, Chris is able to define and capture the essence of the notes and scents described in the brief, ensuring every client has a bespoke and personalised white label perfume or fragrance to suit their needs.
  30. Natural Perfume Ingredients For Making Perfume

    Buy Natural Perfume Ingredients For Making Perfume

    Buy quality natural perfume ingredients for sale from Perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes, who has sourced a wide variety of quality natural perfume ingredients to use in perfume making, ideal for those looking to make their own perfume fragrance or room scent as a hobby, business, or profession. Finding quality natural perfume ingredients for sale, all in one place can be difficult and Chris is on hand to assist should you need extra help in choosing exactly what you are looking for. As an award winning British perfume maker, Chris Bartlett is the perfect person to sell quality natural perfume ingredients, especially as he only uses the best quality perfume ingredients in his own fragrance collection. Natural perfume ingredients for sale include, essential oils, absolutes, natural isolates and tinctures.
  31. Bespoke Wedding Day Perfume by Pell Wall Perfumes

    Bespoke Wedding Day Perfume

    Your own bespoke wedding day perfume will scent your day to perfection. The romance of curating a personalised perfume for your wedding day will always remind you of one of the best days of your life. As a bride and groom project creating a bespoke wedding day perfume will add something extra special to your celebration of love for each other. You can even create your own unique wedding day favours for your guests, by adding perfume favours to your reception tables. Your bespoke wedding day perfume made by perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes will be a scent to remember forever.
  32. MTMO Advert Information Form

    Make The Most Of offers affordable digital advertising.

    We are looking forward to working with you this year and once you have completed this form we can get to work on creating your SEO friendly content for your pages. Please fill out the form as fully as possible. The more information we have the better we can engage with your business!

    Get in touch to find out more, or if you require further information or help. You can email us at [email protected], or telephone Peter Denton, Business Development Manager, on 07760 749082.

  33. Faff-Free Easy Digital Advertising

    The Make The Most Of affordable Faff-Free easy digital adverting opportunities for Businesses is all about an inclusive content marketing offer at a fixed price. We are offering British businesses the opportunity to join the Make The Most Of digital marketing platform from only £120 per optimised advert for 12 months. As we want to make it completely Faff-Free, we write it from information you provide, we create it, we link it to your website, we SEO it and we share it - all with 0% commissions. All British businesses joining Make The Most Of become part of a bigger networking community. As all communities grow organically, we have introduced a cashback opportunity for paid up referrals. Capturing British businesses by region allows the online community to work off line too.
  34. Pink & Green Daily Facial Skincare Regime Sample Kits

    Sample Kits For Pink & Green Facial Skincare

    These sample facial skincare regime kits from Pink & Green Organic Skincare are the perfect way to find the right essential oil infused facial products for your skin type. Carol Aplin founder of P & G Skincare has used her holistic training to create the ideal natural daily facial skincare regime using essential oils that work with all skin types. So it doesn't matter if you have dry, oily, mature or normal skin, there is a facial skincare regime just for you. These sample kits are an excellent way to try a new personal facial skincare regime and will last at least a week, giving your skin time to glow before you invest in your new skincare products.
  35. Wholesale Pressed Flower Candles from Candles In Bloom

    Wholesale Pressed Flower Candles

    Interiors inspired by nature are easy to achieve with a flower candle centrepiece. If you are considering developing a new theme within your shop then take a look at these handmade pressed flower candles from Candles In Bloom. These flower candles are ideal for wedding reception table decorations and would be perfect for selling in florists, garden centres and boutique high street shops. Individually made, these unique hand pressed flower candles can be purchased wholesale & are ideal for the wedding, gift & home interiors retail markets. These pressed flower candle centrepieces are made in Britain & feature handpicked British flowers. 250 hour slow burn time and reusable wax flower shell.
  36. Reversible Patterned British Woollen Blankets

    Lisa Watson has designed these special weighty British Woollen Blankets using traditional patterns with a contemporary twist. Made in Leicester with Yorkshire wool, these durable, adaptable and warm woollen blankets are a true heritage British blanket. Made to last, these Lisa Watson blankets come in two reversible styles. The Tumbling Block Blanket takes its design from a 3-D quilting blog pattern, whilst The Fair Isle Blanket features a traditional pattern that has been enlarged for maximum impact. These Reversible Patterned British Woollen Blankets make the perfect cosy warm home accessory & will suit rustic, country & modern interiors. As these British woollen blankets are easy to snuggle under on the sofa & offer great warmth in bed, they are a treat to own & a perfect wedding gift.
  37. Handmade Harris Tweed & Cotton Patchwork Cushions

    Harris Tweed Patchwork Cushions and Summer Cotton Patchwork Cushions by Lisa Watson are an excellent way to brighten up your home interiors. Whether it is a pretty print you love, or a textured wool finish you desire, these handmade Lisa Watson Patchwork Cushions are ideal for adding colour, patterns, floral and earthy tones to your country chic or rustic interiors. As a home accessory the Harris Tweed Patchwork Cushions are an extra way to add warmth to the sofa in the cooler months, whereas the Summer Cotton Patchwork Cushions will bring a breath of fresh air into your country home in the spring & summer months. With a vintage twist these summer cotton patchwork cushions are all made from British fabrics. The mix & match Lisa Watson Quilts will complete the look you desire.
    from £50.00
  38. The Denbigh Carriageworks Craft Shop & Workshops

    The Denbigh Carriageworks Craft Shop & Workshops

    The Denbigh North Wales Carriageworks Craft Shop and Workshops space is part of a community social enterprise designed to support creative makers and a community, where social engagement and interaction is key to bringing a vibrancy to Denbigh Town and High Street. The Carriageworks is a great destination point for all visitors to Denbigh, where handmade gifts and homewares are available to buy. Workshops are tailored to each small group and operate outside of normal Craft Shop opening times.
  39. Kurpie Fabric Red Roller Blind Display by Julia Brendel

    Polish Inspired Julia Brendel Kurpie Fabrics

    Create your own country chic interior decor with these Polish inspired Julia Brendel Kurpie fabrics, ideal as a drapery fabric, or for use as upholstery textiles. Folklore and tradition are all bound up in this pretty pattern fabric design that is suitable for country cottage interiors, as well as the modern home in town. Old traditions with a new interpretation embrace this Polish Kurpie Fabric design by Julia Brendel, perfect for creating defining country cottage interiors with a rustic theme.
  40. Bay View Villa Infinity Pool Mesudiye, Datca

    Bay View Villa, Mesudiye Datca To Rent In South West Turkey

    Discover Datca along the Turquoise coast of South West Turkey and travel to the beautiful small village of Mesudiye on the Datca peninsular to enjoy an exclusive relaxing holiday at Bay View Villa, a private luxury boutique villa to rent, with fabulous sea views and infinity swimming pool. A luxury Turkish rental villa that offers plenty of space, en-suite accommodation, air conditioning, outside dining area, two terraces and a relaxing ambiance. Bay View Villa is set in a village setting with stunning uninterrupted panoramas.
  41. Woolen Beret from Patz Hatz

    PatzHatz Grey Ladies Beret Winter Hat

    Keep snug and warm this winter with a stylish ladies winter hat made by Patz Hatz. This woolen beret is the perfect addition to your winter outfit.
  42. Patz Hatz Blue Ladies Beanie

    Patz Hats Wide Brimmed Beanie

    Keep warm through the colder seasons with this ladies beanie winter hat from Patz Hatz.
  43. Steezy Chunky Knit Hat

    Patz Hatz Chunky Steezy Mens Slouchy Hat

    Choose a chunky knit steezy style slouchy hat from Patz Hatz for your winter hat this year! You are sure to stay warm and look stylishly cool at the same time.
  44. Pink&Green Bath & Shower Oils

    Organic bath oils with natural essential oils are the best way to end a busy day. So when the children have gone to bed, indulge yourself with a little pampering luxury with your favourite P&G Organic Skincare bath and shower oils.
  45. Pink&Green Body Oils & Body Butter

    Natural body oils with essential oils and a sumptuously scented body butter are a fabulous way to mousturise your skin. Apply to damp skin for maximum effect and soothe your skin in to a glowing silkiness with P&G Skincare Organics bodycare product range.
  46. Pink&Green Gift Vouchers

    The perfect present - a gift voucher for those who enjoy the holistic wellbeing benefits of natural essential oils as part of their skin and body care daily regime. Gift vouchers redeemable on any P&G Organic Skincare range.
    from £20.00
  47. Pink&Green Organic Skincare Gift Sets

    These beautifully presented organic gift sets are great gift ideas for those who love to indulge in the scents of natural essential oils. P&G Organic Skincare want you to pamper yourself with one of their facial skincare or bodycare gift sets.
  48. P&G Organic Skincare Hand Lotion

    P&G Organic Hand Lotion

    Natural organic hand lotion infused with wonderful scented essential oils, will keep your hands moisturised, conditioned and silky. Enjoy the comfort that P&G Organic Skincare bring with a little 'Sunshine For Your Hands' in their new hand lotion formula.
  49. Pink&Green Organic Facial Skincare

    Choose your perfect organic facial skincare range infused with natural essential oils to suit your skin tone and enjoy a pamper giftset that arrives through your letterbox even when you are out all day.
    from £9.75
  50. Simon Eldon Product Photography

    Product Photography for London and South East England

    Simon Eldon is a professional product photographer who can create stunning photography that will ensure your products and packaging, whatever market you are in, will really stand head and shoulders above your competitors.
  51. Simon Eldon Interior Design Photography

    Interiors Photography for London and South East England

    Simon Eldon, award-winning interior design photographer, knows exactly how to create stylish interior photographs for the purpose of promoting the ambiance of interiors, suitable for use online and offline for websites, businesses and media.
  52. Simon Eldon Editorial Photography

    Editorial Photography for London and South East England

    Simon Eldon is a professional product photographer who understands exactly what is needed from editorial photography; exactly what editors are looking for whether it is for magazines, newspapers or online coverage.
  53. Simon Eldon Jewellery Photogaphy

    Jewellery Photography for London and South East England

    Simon Eldon knows exactly how to make your jewellery shine and sparkle; he is experienced in commercial jewellery photography and will create a portfolio showing your collection at its finest with images suitable for magazines, brochures, posters and web sites.
  54. Simon Eldon Food Photography

    Food Photography for London and South East England

    Simon Eldon is a professional photographer with a particular taste for food photography; he has the ability to create images that will make the mouth water. He creates a portfolio of pictures that are suitable for magazine articles, web sites and an array of marketing materials.
  55. Simon Eldon Photography and Lou Eldon Web Design with Julia Brendel Ltd

    Website Design, Graphics and Photography

    Working in partnership with his wife Lou who herself is an award winning web designer; this amazingly creative team can create bespoke web sites, with both photography and design that will work for you.
  56. Simon Eldon Photography

    Architecture Photography for South East England

    Simon Eldon is an architecture photographer who understands that you need images that will seemingly bring the building to life. He will create a collection of images that will be suitable for brochures, web sites and advertisements.
  57. Simon Eldon Product Photography

    Craft Photography for London and South East England

    Simon Eldon, professional product photographer, knows exactly how to create stunning images of your products, images that will show your collections of handmade and craft items to their best advantage with a portfolio suitable for web shops, magazines and leaflets.
  58. Simon Eldon Lifestyle Photography

    Lifestyle Photography for London and South East England

    Simon Eldon is a lifestyle photographer who knows exactly how to create aspirational and enticing room sets and lifestyle photography. Working to your brief he creates a portfolio that is suitable for magazines, web sites and an array of marketing materials.
  59. Essential Oil Orange and Passionfruit Hand Cream

    Nourish your hands with this luxury LouLouBelle hand cream and enjoy the natural moisturising benefits and scents of the essential oils Orange and Passionfruit. This Orange and Passionfruit Hand Cream is created with a blend of essential oils full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, perfect for keeping your hands supple and moisturised. Keep your hands naturally beautiful today. This Essential Oil Orange and Passionfruit Hand Cream is made in small batches to ensure that your hands have a little luxury every day.
  60. Just Wool Textiles - sample yarns

    Just Wool Sample Pack

    Ordering online can be a little daunting when it comes to wool products. Just Wool Textiles understands this and has created a sample pack of wool used in all their wool scarves and throws, so that you may feel the softness of the wool used and see the colour swatch for yourself. Falklands Wool is naturally soft to touch, so give it a try and see if one of Just Wool Textiles scarves could be for you.
  61. Berkeley Raised Dog Bed

    Incredibly practical, versatile and inexpensive, every dog should have a waterproof Raised Dog Bed!
    from £50.00
  62. Berkeley Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Bed Mattress

    A unique and innovative waterproof dog bed mattress offers the ultimate in comfort and orthopaedic support for all dogs.
    from £139.00
  63. House and Shooting Parties

    House and Shooting Parties

    Do you enjoy hosting a house party or shooting weekend, but find it overwhelming and stressful? Would you like to find some help? Rosset Bespoke Butlers offer a service that will take the stress and work out of planning and running an event, freeing you to enjoy yourself as host with your guests.
  64. Non-Slip Polar Fleece Dog Bed Pads

    These warm and cosy dog bed pads are ideal for providing a warm bed topper, or lining dog crates and boxes, or even your vehicle. Canine comfort to the extreme!
    from £25.00
  65. Berkeley Oak Frame Wooden Dog Bed

    Beautiful and practical Oak Wooden Dog Beds, handmade from fully sustainable sources. These beds are designed for use with the Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress.
    from £299.00
  66. LouLouBelle Moisturising Face Sets

    Look after your skin day or night with a moisturising face set from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare. Enjoy a creamy moisturiser during the day and a night time facial oil while you sleep.
  67. Rosset Bespoke Travelling Butlers and Valet Services

    Travelling Butler & Valet Services

    Are you a frequent traveller and require help in making sure everything runs smoothly whilst you are away? Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, a modern butler and valet travelling service will take care of your needs wherever you are in the world. That helping hand when sometimes other luxuries are few and far between can not be underestimated.
  68. Berkeley Sheepskin Throw

    Extra Large, top quality British sheepskins. Trimmed and finished by hand and specially selected for Berkeley.
    from £44.95
  69. Rosset Bespoke Butler Wedding Services

    Wedding Butlers & Concierge

    Wedding Planning can be a complex logistical nightmare, so why not hire a butler to take away the stress of planning your wedding. By engaging your own personal butler service you will ensure you make the most of your special and romantic day.
  70. Fabric Covers for the Berkeley Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Bed Mattress

    A range of beautiful, stylish, comfortable and practical covers for your mattress, for the ultimate in canine chic.
    from £19.95
  71. White of Cornwall Wool Scarf

    This wool and silk scarf is made from British yarns and is hand woven using traditional Venetian weaving methods by Laura Antonel. An elegant distinctive design that will look fabulous as a cover up wrap for any occasion.
  72. Rosa Merino Wool Scarf

    These unique handwoven merino and nylon scarves are a great lightweight cover up. Beautifully made, this elegant scarf is perfect for the winter months.
  73. Eau de Nil Scarf

    This beautifully elegant silk, cashmere and alpaca lightweight scarf, is handwoven by Laura Antonel using British yarns. Outstandingly distinctive and pretty, this Eau de Nil Scarf will make a stunning cover up at weddings.
  74. Orange Merino Wool Scarf

    This is a beautiful colourful merino wool scarf made from British yarn. Superbly stylish, the orange colours will spice up any everyday fashion style and would look equally stunning with a black evening dress.
  75. Nuvola Rosa Mohair Scarf

    This is a beautiful Nuvola Rosa Mohair Scarf made from British yarn. Superbly stylish, the pink colours will complement any outfit for any occasion.
  76. Sun Merino Wool Scarf

    This lightweight merino and shetland wool scarf is made from luxury British yarn. Handwoven by Laura Anotel, this scarf is an excellent cover up that is perfect for the winter months and any formal or informal occasion.
  77. Large Bespoke Dog Coat by Just Wool Textiles

    Just Wool Textiles Bespoke Dog Coat

    A Just Wool Textiles Bespoke Dog Coat can be tailored to fit your dog perfectly. Keep your pet warm and cosy during cooler days out walking in a style that suits you both. A Bespoke Dog Coat from Just Wool Textiles allows you to choose the colour and design of your dog blanket. So is a stripey or checked dog coat that you would design for walking out with your favourite pooch?
  78. Duckydora Reclaimed Slate Serveware

    Choose a reclaimed slate afternoon tea stand, a slate chocolate stand or a slate cheeseboards from Duckydora's serveware range. Sure conversation pieces at any dinner, lunch or afternoon tea.
    from £25.00
  79. LouLouBelle Night Time Facial Oils

    A range of night time facial oils from LouLouBelle Skincare. Designed for dry/sensitive skin and combination/oily skin using essential oils for their high vitamin content and special properties.
  80. Duckydora Mirrors and Frames

    Vintage inspired mirrors and frames made using reclaimed slate and wood to add a lovely shabby chic touch to your home decor.
    from £25.00
  81. Duckydora Pet Beds & Accessories

    Help pets feel extra special with designer pet beds and feeding accessories in the exclusive Duckydora designs, for the height of furry luxury!
    from £8.00
  82. Duckydora Vintage Inspired Wall Plaques

    Vintage inspired home decor, indoor and outdoor wall plaques that make the perfect gift from a loved one.
    from £20.00
  83. Duckydora Table Linen

    Wonderful designer cotton and oil cloth table linen in co-ordinating designs.
    from £8.00
  84. Duckydora Gifts

    A gift from this wonderful range would make anyone smile! With these beautifully designed products, present-buying is simple.
    from £18.00
  85. Duckydora Wall Clocks

    Shabby chic wall clocks made from reclaimed slate and wood, designed and made in Britain by Duckydora.
    from £25.00
  86. Duckydora Aprons

    Cooking aprons available in adult and children's sizes and beautifully designed to be practical and stylish.
    from £12.00
  87. Duckydora Fabric & Oilcloth Kitchen Accessories

    These beautifully-designed fabric and oilcloth kitchen accessories make lovely gifts for a tasteful and functional cooking and dining experience.
    from £6.00
  88. Duckydora Handpainted Ceramic Tableware

    Duckydora’s range of exclusive hand-painted British sourced ceramic tableware will bring handmade elegance to any meal
    from £9.00
  89. Duckydora Kitchen Accessories

    Co-ordinate your kitchen with a chic range of accessories to add glamour to everyday items!
    from £18.00
  90. Patz Hatz Special Occasion Range

    Choose your special occasion piece from Patz Hatz and customise the colours to match or contrast your occasion outfits.
    from £2.00
  91. Fussels Fine Foods Dressings Gift Box

    This Fussels Fine Foods gift box is ideal for those food lovers who understand the natural benefits of rapeseed oil. This gift selection of Fussels dressing and sauces, include a choice of Quince and Cider Vinegar Dressing, English Herb Dressing, Peppered Watercress Dressing or Beer and Horseradish Sauce. All perfect for salad dressings or dipping oils.
  92. Fussels Fine Foods Infused Oils Gift Box

    This trio of infused rapeseed oils from Fussels Fine Foods is perfect for all culinary needs. These Fussels Fine Foods gift boxes are packed with wonderful flavoured oils suitable for salad dressing, dips and cooking. Included are the following rapeseed oil flavours; Garlic Oil, Chilli Oil and Smoked Oil.
  93. Fussels Fine Foods Rapeseed Oil Pourer Gift Box

    From Fussels Fine Foods this Rapeseed Oil Pourer Gift Box is a great gift for foodies. The flavoured Rapeseed Oils and mayonnaise make a perfect addition to any meal, be it as a salad dressing, cooking sauce or dipping sauce. Complete in a Fussels gift box with an oil pourer.
  94. Fussels Fine Foods Vinaigrette Gift Box

    The perfect gift for any foodie from Fussels Fine Foods, a Vinaigrette Gift Box. This trio of Fruit Vinaigrettes and Rapeseed Oil Vinaigrettes is the perfect addition to any meal. Including Elderflower, Basil and Raspberry Vinaigrettes, displayed in a Fussels Gift Box.
  95. LouLouBelle Natural Skincare Travel Sets

    Do you like to travel light on your weekends away? At airport security, when you just have hand luggage, do you like to have all you skincare products neat and in one place? These LouLouBelle natural essential oil skincare range travel sets cater for all skin types, to help you take care of your face care needs when you're away from home.
  96. LouLouBelle Natural Skincare Face Sets

    Buying your facecare products in one place, has never been easier. These perfect pamper gift sets from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare, offer a full range of aromatherapy inspired face products & include cleansers, toners and creamy moisturisers, packed with natural essential oils. So whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, there is a natural skincare regime just for you.
  97. LouLouBelle Natural Moisturisers

    Aromatherapy inspired skincare products from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare, that offer a combination of natural essential oils blended together with floral oils, to create a light moisturising cream to benefit all skin types. Beautifully scented these face moisturisers have lots to offer you in your daily skincare regime.
  98. LouLouBelle Natural Face Cleansers

    Choosing the right natural cleanser for your face is important to maintain a successful skincare regime. These LouLouBelle natural face cleansers are made with a unique balance of essential oils to provide all skin types with a natural cleanser product for their dry, oily or combination skin type, with the aim of maintaining the condition and elasticity of their skin.
  99. LouLouBelle Natural Skin Toners

    LouLouBelle Natural Skincare create natural essential oil skin toners to compliment their range of natural skincare for all skin types, whether they are for dry, oily or combination skin. These aromatherapy inspired skin care products are a refreshing toner for the face, with extra calming properties and a natural way to make skin feel vibrant and bright.
  100. Catering Equipment Hire with Paul Linden

    Catering Equipment Hire

    Are you arranging a function, a wedding, a birthday party or just a family get together? Paul Linden, a private and professional chef, offers a raft of hospitality and catering services, including catering equipment hire, glass hire, marquee hire, linen hire, crockery and cutlery hire. In fact anything that will make your catered function a success!