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The Make The Most Of Story


Make The Most Of is all about building online communities to replicate those that exist in the physical world, of which there are many. MTMO started as a grass root privately run project in the small town of Caerwys in North Wales. From humble beginnings in the 'Old Butchers Shop' on the High Street, Make The Most Of created a space for locals to sell products they made. This was an initiative to help creative people supplement their incomes in a time when austerity measures were only just starting to impact. In 2012, Make The Most Of moved online. By listening, learning, researching and adapting, Make The Most Of evolved to create a digital marketing platform to help businesses meet changing consumer expectations and reach them online whatever the sector. MTMO continues to explore new ways of connecting customers with businesses, services, sellers and communities through a uniquely transparent business model that is all about getting the job done! MTMO is about sharing information and giving consumers what they need when searching the internet for a business, service, product, shop, place to stay and things to do. It is about bringing all the threads of real life together online to support businesses and their customers in as many ways as possible, which means physical communities too.
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Make The Most Of has always been about bringing people together. Be it customers and business owners, businesses and businesses, makers and customers or sellers and consumers.

By building online communities, we can encourage offline everyday communications in real life too, be it a High Street shop or cafe, a place to visit, or a business that offers a service. A coordinated business response can offer consumers the best possible access to information, choice, services and opportunity. Customers matter and often businesses need an extra pair of hands to support them in delivering information online that helps satisfy the person searching for something they need.

With an online community comes referrals and a reason to visit a locality, region, High Street, shop or business. An online offer can harness the information consumers need to make an approach to a business, visit a store, or engage a professional service.

Historically, founding directors Louise Barlow and Lynne Wilson, recognised that grass root changes within society were required to enhance a more conciliatory, collaborative and joined up offer to communities. In other words sustainable change has to be led by businesses working together for the benefit of everyone - themselves, employees, consumers, and communities - to reduce the financial, social and individual pressures that can rebound on families and local communities.

Commercial sustainability creates jobs and supports a world we all want to be part of and as the digital revolution takes us away from the norm we once knew, addressing the problems businesses face in straddling the physical world and the digital one is the key to Make The Most Of. Connecting businesses to their customers with information, products and services they need and want, is all about joining the dots in a way that works online and offline. Adapting to change is essential for businesses, people, consumers and society. Young people also need to find their way to develop their own skills and entrepreneurial spirit in a world that revolves around the internet, the virtual and social media. By adopting a philosophy that is all about sharing ideas and innovation, MTMO will explore new concepts that offer sustainable ways to bring communities and businesses together that endorses "We are all in this together". Going it alone can be isolating and lonely, epecially when cost barriers affect who can join the party. By creating entry level opportunities for all businesses, we are able to develop online communities that are replicating what happens in the physical world.

Here at MTMO we believe that collaboration and working together makes businesses and communities stronger everywhere - online and offline. Participation, interaction and encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to feel that we 'belong' and are valued. Choosing how we engage with one another is the root of forming lasting relationships both in the business world, or as part of the communities in which we work, rest and play. 

Lynne's 30 years’ experience working within communities and many public sector agencies highlighted many of the same issues Louise, as a lawyer, encountered as managing partner in a legal aid practice. It was that combination of experience and a desire to develop a transparent business model which recognised the importance of people that was the foundation to Make The Most Of. From there MTMO has evolved and continually strives to adapt to change in terms of the digital landscape, customer expectations, social evolution and society pressures. 

Karen Styles (a millennial herself) has brought a different perspective and skill set to Make The Most Of and by balancing out the age gap, we can address the expectations of her generation who have all been brought up within the digital age.

Peter Denton on the other hand, brings a professional business and finacial acumen acquired over 30 years as a business advisor and accountant. This makes Peter an excellent ambassador for small businesses, sporting communities and MTMO.