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Chris Clemes

Chris Clemes Fly Rod and Reel Makers, have more than 150 years combined experience in fly rod and reel making.

Chris Clemes and his team of rod builders produce exquisite quality fishing tools for the pride and joy of any keen fisherman. Each rod is hand worked and finished by British craftsmen who have devoted time, pride, energy and skill into producing split fly rods and reels of supreme quality and value for every fly fisher.

There are many reasons why split cane fly rods are considered the pinnacle of the rod maker’s craft. Most strikingly; it is their natural beauty; the honey colour of the blank; their fine thread wrappings; and their beautiful components.

Once held, a Chris Cleme fly rod, will be the rod for the true fly fisher enthusiast, as they will immediately understand their pure quality; the balanced weight; the smooth casting action; even their smell. These qualities give these beautifully refined fly rods a substance and character that can only improve the overall fly fishing experience.

Each Chris Clemes custom made split cane fishing rod, goes through many processes to create the final top notch fly fishing rod, as each rod is split, planed, straightened and hand finished by English rod makers, who have spent years learning their craft. It takes weeks to build the perfect Chris Clemes fly rod, ensuring that every fly fisherman has a rod of luxury in their hand to enhance their fishing performance. What better gift for the passionate fly fisher?

The 3rd generation British bamboo rod builders at Chris Clemes, take great pride in maintaining the traditions of their craft. Each rod is hand planed, split and straightened and built using only the finest hand selected Tonkin cane and components available.

When purchasing a Chris Clemes custom fly rod, or fly reel, you will have in your hands a fishing tool that is perfectly balanced in form and function and a fine example of the rod makers craft.

Chris Clemes offer casting demonstrations in London, the only split cane rod maker to do so, which is ideal for those considering such a special purchase. Each custom order for a split fly rod, entails a lengthy interview before work commences on the commission, ensuring that the final fishing tool and split fly cane meets each customers exact requirements. There are more than 100 custom options to choose from in the process of creating a bespoke and personalised split cane fishing rod.

Visit the Chris Clemes website for more information about the history of split cane rod making and the production process, and to view more products in their superb range. 

 Chris Clemes has many happy customers and below are a few tesimonials.

The 4wt 3 piece custom split cane rod was all I ever dreamed and hoped for. Easy to cast all day, delicate in the presentation of dries in the 12 - 24 size range. It is such a great fishing tool. You really executed on the design and building of the fishing rod of a lifetime.

Hugh Rosen
Professor Hugh Rosen MB.ChB., D.Phil.
The Scripps Research Institute

The CC is certainly a beautiful and superlative fly reel that will be treasured for years to come.

Good hatches,

The Chris Clemes Bamboo Rods are beautifully made and presented, hints at traditional British rod making, and as a fishing rod as far as I can see this is exactly fit for its function.

Magnus Angus - Chief Reviewer Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Recently had the good fortune to cast a four and a five weight Chris Clemes split cane fly rod. Immediately when you remove the rod from its tube it is obvious that nothing really compares to holding a handmade cane rod. The look, the smell even. Modern carbon rods can be fantastic tools but a handmade rod has a personality of its own, a uniqueness.

Personally when I am fishing a small chalkstream and want to complete the experience I cannot think of a rod I would rather use.

Andrew Thornton AAPGAI

Fished the Chris Clemes Carbon Rods this past weekend and I am very impressed! Casting these rods is most certainly effortless, as the action in the rod handles different casting styles.

Anthony Naranja - Captain of the American Fly Fishing Team

  1. Harmony Split Cane Fly Rods 2 piece 1 tip

    A superb quality cane fly fishing rod, handcrafted by the finest English craftsmen at Chris Clemes. A luxury fly fishing rod made with distinction. Well balanced and finely planed to ensure the final fly rod is the perfect companion for the fly fisher, who has a keen passion for their sport.

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    from £1,150.00
  2. Symphony Fly rod and Maestro

    Symphony Custom Split Cane Fly Rods

    Chris Clemes offers you the unique opportunity, to create a bespoke fly fishing rod custom built to your exact specification. Every Chris Clemes split cane fly fishing rod, brings together 150 years of collective experience, talent and passion, to create the very best fly fishing rod in England. Pre-order your bespoke and personalised Fly rod today.

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  3. Harmony Split Cane Fly Rods 2 piece 2 tip

    Select a handcrafted Chris Clemes Harmony Rod from the Chris Clemes workshop and add various custom options to make this fishing rod the perfect one for you. With great British craftmanship you are assured a beautifully balanced fly rod.

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  4. Gentleman's Fly Fishing Kit Voucher

    This is the ultimate gift for the fly fisherman who has it all! The British Chris Clemes handcrafted Gentleman's Fly Fishing Kit, includes a bespoke fly fishing rod with matching silk fly line, in a wooden fly rod case. A wonderful fishing gift for the fly fishing enthusiast.

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    from £2,000.00 As low as: £0.00
  5. Silk Fly Lines (Weight Forward)

    These Chris Clemes hand braided and tapered fly lines are made from Japanese silk thread, and are an essential complement to the fly fishing rods used by fly fishing enthusiasts. Various custom options are available to perfect your fishing experience.

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  6. Silk Fly Lines (Double Taper)

    These Chris Clemes double tapered Silk Fly Line are handmade to the highest quality. Having the fly fisherman in mind, the British Chris Clemes split cane rod makers, want to supply only the best, durable braided Silk Fly Lines to last!

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