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Leather Worker - Chris Payne

Chris Payne

Chris started making falconry equipment in 1999, with gloves being his main flagship item, for one of the worlds most respected makers. Chris's ability to work with the finest leathers and suede's meant that he was able to create the softest, functional gloves used in the sport.

In 2008, production went to China, and it was at this time Chris decided to set up on his own making gloves for himself. Chris offers a superior quality glove, with a personalised service to identify the owner when requested, using only the finest of materials. Chris has sold his gloves world wide and his customers include members of the royal families in the middle east.

As a result, Chris has a surplus of superior quality leathers left over, which he has been able to work into functional and practical pieces. When cutting glove patterns there are always quality left over pieces and conscious of waste and his carbon footprint Chris has used his skills to adapt his tassels into something we can all use. He has creating other pieces that are tactile, soft and usable.

  1. Lambskin Mobile Phone Case

    Keep your mobile safe in a super-luxurious leather phone case with sheepskin lining and heart motif

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  2. Less Stress Leather and Suede Key Fobs

    These sophisticated leather and suede key fobs are filled with stress-relieving balls fits in the palm so you can unwind on the go

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  3. Tassel and Heart Leather Fob by Chris Payne

    Tassel and Heart Leather Fob

    Adaptable individual design. Leather heart key fob with tassel. Looks good as an accessory on a belt or handbag too.

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  4. Leather Coasters In Playing Card Suits by Chris Payne

    Playing Card Leather Coasters

    This set of four black and red leather coasters comes in the shape of card suits - a perfect gift for card players!

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