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Fussels Fine Foods

Fussels Fine Foods was born from generations of Fussel Farming in Somerset. Andy Fussell farms his heritage land in Somerset and is a talented farmer, who puts his family and community at the heart of his life in Rode. He is a passionate hands-on farmer, who believes in the value of good food, supporting everything about British farming and the production of good natural produce.

At Fussels Fine Foods, everyone believes in high quality, simple food products, that have provenance and positive health values, that stems from sustainable farming. Fussels Fine Foods offer a range of premium Rapeseed Oil food products, that have been carefully cultivated and created on the farm. From sowing the Oil Seed Rape (OSR), to cold pressing and bottling it's oil, everything about Fussels Rapeseed Oil happens directly on the farm in Rhode or in partnership with other artisan food producers. 

Fussels understand the fantastic healthy qualities of Rapeseed Oil and believe it has been kept a secret for far too long! Fussels Rapeseed Oil is a real English alternative to olive oil. It has more generous servings of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6; it has half the saturated fats of olive oil; is high in the good monounsaturated fats; and an excellent source of Vitamin E.

Fussels Fine Foods Ltd offer fantastically versatile rapeseed oil and related food products, including mayonnaise, sauces and dressings, that all make use of this beautiful oil.

Some useful healthy facts about Rapeseed Oil;

1. 1/2 the saturated fats compared to olive oil.

2. 10 times the level of fatty acid Omega 3 which helps promote healthy cell growth.

3. Has a high burn point (in excess of 200'c) making it a versatile cooking oil.

4. A great source of vitamin E, to help counteract free radicals, which are known to cause damage to the body.

5. Fussels extra virgin Rapeseed Oil is cold pressed and bottled on the farm, ensuring freshness next to non. 


  1. Fussels Oils

    Fussels Rapeseed Oils are healthy natural oils to spice up your cooking. Choose from a range of Fussels Rapeseed Oil products, including natural Rapeseed Oil, Garlic Rapeseed Oil, Chili infused Rapeseed Oil, Smoked Rapeseed Oil and a Rapeseed Oil Spray. All can be used for cooking and dressings, or as a drizzle oil in salads.

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  2. Fussels Fine Foods Dressings Gift Box

    This Fussels Fine Foods gift box is ideal for those food lovers who understand the natural benefits of rapeseed oil. This gift selection of Fussels dressing and sauces, include a choice of Quince and Cider Vinegar Dressing, English Herb Dressing, Peppered Watercress Dressing or Beer and Horseradish Sauce. All perfect for salad dressings or dipping oils.

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  3. Fussels Fine Foods Vinaigrette Gift Box

    The perfect gift for any foodie from Fussels Fine Foods, a Vinaigrette Gift Box. This trio of Fruit Vinaigrettes and Rapeseed Oil Vinaigrettes is the perfect addition to any meal. Including Elderflower, Basil and Raspberry Vinaigrettes, displayed in a Fussels Gift Box.

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  4. Fussels Fine Foods Rapeseed Oil Pourer Gift Box

    From Fussels Fine Foods this Rapeseed Oil Pourer Gift Box is a great gift for foodies. The flavoured Rapeseed Oils and mayonnaise make a perfect addition to any meal, be it as a salad dressing, cooking sauce or dipping sauce. Complete in a Fussels gift box with an oil pourer.

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  5. Fussels Rapeseed Oil 5L Can

    Do you like to buy your cooking oil supplies in bulk? If so, take a look at this 5 litre can of premium Fussels Fine Foods cold pressed Rapeseed Oil and decide whether having it shipped straight to your door is a happy convenience that suits. Suitable for salad dressings, as a drizzle oil, vinaigrette, or for baking, roasting or frying with. Fussels Rapeseed Oil is versatile, great tasting and suitable for all your culinary needs.

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  6. Fussels Rapeseed Oil Vinaigrettes

    These Fussels fruity cold pressed rapeseed oil vinaigrette salad dressings are full of flavour and will add a punch to your salads. Choose between Blueberry and Basil Vinaigrette, Gooseberry and Elderflower Vinaigrette or Raspberry Rapeseed Oil Vinaigrette. If you can't decide buy one of each!

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  7. Fussels Rapeseed Oil Large Gift Box

    This Fussels Fine Foods rapeseed oil foodie gift box makes a great present for foodies, whatever the occasion. Whether it is a salad dressing, dipping sauce, mayo, vinaigrette, horseradish sauce or wonderfully tasting rapeseed cooking oil, there is something for everyone. These cold pressed premium single estate rapeseed oil products will impress!

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  8. Fussels Rapeseed Oil Dressings

    Fussels Fine Foods have created great British rapeseed oil dressings that are versatile and full of flavour. Choose their Peppered Watercress Rapeseed Oil Dressing for your salmon dishes, or an English Herb Rapeseed Oil dressing to drizzle on chicken, fish or vegetable dishes and enjoy their Quince and Cider Vinegar Dressing simply as a salad dressing, or stir through for hot or cold pasta dish.

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  9. Fussels Mayo and Horseradish Sauce

    Complement your food with a range of Fussels Fine Foods sauces. Choose your mint mayo sauce for your lamb dishes, or add it to a potato salad. The classic mayonnaise is deliciously creamy, made with Fussels' own harvested cold pressed Rapeseed Oil and their beer Horseradish sauce is wonderful with beef!

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  10. Fussels Fine Foods Infused Oils Gift Box

    This trio of infused rapeseed oils from Fussels Fine Foods is perfect for all culinary needs. These Fussels Fine Foods gift boxes are packed with wonderful flavoured oils suitable for salad dressing, dips and cooking. Included are the following rapeseed oil flavours; Garlic Oil, Chilli Oil and Smoked Oil.

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