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John Atkinson Blankets

Luxury John Atkinson Blankets are made in Yorkshire at the Hainsworth Mill. As a historic British brand, John Atkinson Blankets are synonymous with luxury. John Atkinson woollen blankets and throws offer a testament to age old traditional weaving skills that have stood the test of time. By combing traditional skills with modern techniques John Atkinson Blankets are able to provide a range of deluxe and luxurious cashmere and Merino wool blankets that are suitable for use throughout the year, whatever the temperature. 

John Atkinson continue their proud manufacture in the UK at the Hainsworth Mill Yorkshire using;

  • Skills that have been passed down from one generation to the next;
  • The finest raw materials and;
  • A dedicated work force, who proudly produce some of the best luxury blankets in the world. 

John Atkinson has a long and impressive history of manufacturing England’s Finest Blankets. Their history started in Sowerby Bridge in 1828 when John Atkinson & Sons started weaving high quality wool blankets before the reign of Queen Victoria. The John Atkinson brand was later acquired by Wormalds & Walkers of Dewsbury, who also manufactured the historical Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket and in 1983 Hainsworth bought Wormalds & Walkers, moving production of the John Atkinson blankets to their mill in Stanningley, West Yorkshire, where it remains today.

At Hainsworth everyone works hard to ensure that all John Atkinson Blankets meet the premium standards expected from this luxury brand and as the whole manufacturing process takes place in one place at the mill in West Yorkshire there is complete control over the entire creative process, from raw wool to weaving and then the finished blanket. Each blanket is hand cut from the woven cloth and once the pieces are laid and stitched, they are hand finished before being dispatched directly to the customer. This attention to detail and the traditional skills used at the Hainswoth Mill since 1783, makes all John Atkinson Blankets supremely luxurious, with long lasting qualities that can be enjoyed by later generations too. John Atkinson Blankets become heirlooms when looked after with care.

John Atkinson by Hainsworth, as manufacturers, know how important it is to demand the highest quality raw materials to match the knowledge and expertise of their dedicated makers, ensuring every blanket made and hand finished, is the very best it can be for their loyal customers.

If you would like to contact anyone at the Hainsworth Mill, then please visit their website at or telephone them directly on +44 (0)113 257 0391.

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