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Artisan Weaver - Laura Antonel

Laura Antonel

Laura Antonel is a talented  artisan weaver,  living in Austria. She has joined  the Make The most of community because she believes in using quality yarns produced in Britain. Laura supports great British yarn producers that have a British heritage dating back, in some cases, to 1766 and loves the quality of the wool she sources from Britain. She is also supporting a British charity by donating £5 from each sale made through her British Make The Most of shop. Her chosen charity is for an excellent cause -  East Angla Children Hospices - each.

Laura says of her work:-

"I think the work of artisans and craft people is very important , many times I am asked about the number of times I can make the same scarf or a piece of fabric, and I say  'there was a time, when the time was not a number, not compared to a number, money or gold, because it is gold itself.' Every woven scarf I create is unique and is fabulously luxurious, making it as priceless as gold, something to value and treasure for yourself. I always weave and make every scarf  with love and passion too. Time is gold in the hand of  a true craftsmen"

Laura uses traditional medieval weaving techniques, first seen in Venice in the 1400's. Laura acquired her skills as an artisan weaver by working as an apprentice in a weaving atelier in Italy (Udine) for 4 years. Thereafter Laura  continued  her studies herself, consulting the weaving techniques from sources she discovered in the  library of Venice.

Laura carefully selects pure cashmere yarn  for her creations, complementing these  noble fibres with her understanding and deep knowledge of the weaving techniques she uses to produce a luxurious woven fabric. All Laura's woven fabrics are designed exclusively by her and are made  in three or more nuances, using a traditional hand loom.

The fulling process is carried out by hand in several stages until the desired softness is reached. The weft is hand-woven using a shuttle: this is the only method which is gentle enough on the delicate cashmere yarn and the  entire production process is carried out strictly by hand, allowing Laura  to create unique items which are of the highest quality, giving them an elegance and practicality, suitable for both ladies and gentleman.

As all the woven products by Laura are made entirely by hand, no two scarves will be identical. Each item will always vary slightly with regard both to the layout of the warp and weft yarns, as well as the width and length of the finished item.

You can use any Laura Antonel scarf for many years as it has been created  following ancient weaving  techniques from Venice, with only the very best of British yarns.

If you have a commission in mind, then please contact Laura directly by email at [email protected]

  1. Orange Merino Wool Scarf

    This is a beautiful colourful merino wool scarf made from British yarn. Superbly stylish, the orange colours will spice up any everyday fashion style and would look equally stunning with a black evening dress.

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  2. White of Cornwall Wool Scarf

    This wool and silk scarf is made from British yarns and is hand woven using traditional Venetian weaving methods by Laura Antonel. An elegant distinctive design that will look fabulous as a cover up wrap for any occasion.

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  3. Eau de Nil Scarf

    This beautifully elegant silk, cashmere and alpaca lightweight scarf, is handwoven by Laura Antonel using British yarns. Outstandingly distinctive and pretty, this Eau de Nil Scarf will make a stunning cover up at weddings.

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  4. Sun Merino Wool Scarf

    This lightweight merino and shetland wool scarf is made from luxury British yarn. Handwoven by Laura Anotel, this scarf is an excellent cover up that is perfect for the winter months and any formal or informal occasion.

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  5. Rosa Merino Wool Scarf

    These unique handwoven merino and nylon scarves are a great lightweight cover up. Beautifully made, this elegant scarf is perfect for the winter months.

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  6. Nuvola Rosa Mohair Scarf

    This is a beautiful Nuvola Rosa Mohair Scarf made from British yarn. Superbly stylish, the pink colours will complement any outfit for any occasion.

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