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LouLouBelle Natural Skincare was founded by Magda Thompson, a beauty specialist who has a passion for essential oil skincare and aromatherapy. She trained with Clarins, Elemis and Thalgo just to name a few, so understands what her customers desire for their skincare regime.

Whilst managing her own beauty concessions in London, Magda started to gather feedback from her customers regarding skincare and what they felt was important to them, so as natural skincare for many women was a priority, she decided to realise her dream and develop her own skincare range of products by using natural essential oils to complement all skin types.

LouLouBelle Natural Skincare is created using natural ingredients, essential oils and floral waters of the highest quality in small batches, which ensures a fresh product which is light in texture and smells beautiful. The LouLouBelle Natural Skincare range of natural skincare products, have been created for specific skin types in mind. So whether your skin type is combination, oily or dry, there is a natural skincare range to suit your needs.

At LouLoueBelle Natural Skincare, everyone believes in creating as natural a skincare product as possible and do not believe in including unnecessary additives. Therefore all skincare ranges are made with high percentages of fruit oils, essential oils and natural ingredients, that are great for taking care of your skin, with radiant results for your face. 

This natural essential oil skincare range have recieved some great feedback from those who have tried it;

“When my cleanser arrived I couldn’t wait to start using it as the packaging reflected the brand perfectly. Retailing at a mid-range price of £19.95, I saw the cleanser as an absolute steal considering the brand’s natural and health orientated ethos.

“…I would highly recommend the products due to the brand’s natural and researched approach to providing a flawless finish for every skin type.”

Kate Haines 

“I am in love with this thick moisturiser! The smell, the feel and the absorbing power, you can almost hear your skin whispering “thank you” as it quickly swallows it all up …

“What a beautiful range and I am so pleased with it. I also love the packaging from the chic cream box to the delicate wrapping of pink tissue paper.”

Laura Jane Style 

“I found the Geranium & Tea Tree Purifying Cleanser* left my skin feeling clean, fresh, hydrated and not-at-all tight …

“But the real highlight for me was the toner. Oh, the toner! ‘Soothing’ is the first word that comes to mind when I think about LouLouBelle’s Lavender & Cypress Purifying Toner. I absolutely adore it.”

Katie Poole 

  1. LouLouBelle Natural Face Cleansers

    Choosing the right natural cleanser for your face is important to maintain a successful skincare regime. These LouLouBelle natural face cleansers are made with a unique balance of essential oils to provide all skin types with a natural cleanser product for their dry, oily or combination skin type, with the aim of maintaining the condition and elasticity of their skin.

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  2. Natural Mango & Lime Himalayan Body Scrub

    Scrub away dull skin to reveal rejuvenated skin and a new you with this aromatherapy natural exfoliater from LouLouBelle London.

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  3. Moisturising Mint and Lemon Foot Cream

    Invigorate the senses, soothe tired and aching feet and nourish your skin with this decadent moisturising foot cream from LouLouBelle.

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  4. Blueberry and Lemon Body Cream

    This beautifully scented natural essential oil body cream has been created by LouLouBelle to leave your skin soft and supple. Including natural ingredients and essential oils to naturally hydrate and tone your skin.

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  5. White Tea & Pear Eye Cream

    An award winning and light eye cream that will naturally refresh the skin around your eyes, reducing puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles, leaving you feeling awake, refreshed and hydrated all day long. With anti-aging benefits this natural oil infused eye cream is a great way to start your day, especially as it won Bronze for a face care (leave on) 'free from skincare' award 2016.

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  6. Natural Aromatherapy Skincare from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare

    Natural Aromatherapy Skincare

    Small batches of natural aromatherapy, additive free, skincare from LouLouBelle offer a spa quality facial care regime for every day use, with special night time skin oils infused with essential oils for extra calming, moisturising and skin replenishing qualities too. Start your day with a happy glow and look after your face and hands the essential oil scented way and enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy inspired skincare range.

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  7. Natural Aromatherapy Skincare With Essential Oils from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare

    Aromatherapy Skincare With Essential Oils

    Are you looking for a new natural Aromatherapy skincare range with essential oils that will pamper & condition your skin and leave you with that glowing feeling? LouLouBelle Natural Skincare offers a wonderful luxury range of natural essential oil formulas for face care and hands. So whether it is a cleanser, toner, moisturiser or hand cream you seek, there are choices for all skin types. These balanced aromatherapy inspired skincare formulas will rejuvenate & refresh, leaving skin naturally scented with orange, rose or lemon. Gift sets are available to tempt you over to LouLouBelle Natural Skincare.

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  8. Essential Oil Orange and Passionfruit Hand Cream

    Nourish your hands with this luxury LouLouBelle hand cream and enjoy the natural moisturising benefits and scents of the essential oils Orange and Passionfruit. This Orange and Passionfruit Hand Cream is created with a blend of essential oils full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, perfect for keeping your hands supple and moisturised. Keep your hands naturally beautiful today. This Essential Oil Orange and Passionfruit Hand Cream is made in small batches to ensure that your hands have a little luxury every day.

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  9. LouLouBelle Moisturising Face Sets

    Look after your skin day or night with a moisturising face set from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare. Enjoy a creamy moisturiser during the day and a night time facial oil while you sleep.

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  10. LouLouBelle Night Time Facial Oils

    A range of night time facial oils from LouLouBelle Skincare. Designed for dry/sensitive skin and combination/oily skin using essential oils for their high vitamin content and special properties.

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  11. LouLouBelle Natural Skincare Travel Sets

    Do you like to travel light on your weekends away? At airport security, when you just have hand luggage, do you like to have all you skincare products neat and in one place? These LouLouBelle natural essential oil skincare range travel sets cater for all skin types, to help you take care of your face care needs when you're away from home.

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  12. LouLouBelle Natural Skincare Face Sets

    Buying your facecare products in one place, has never been easier. These perfect pamper gift sets from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare, offer a full range of aromatherapy inspired face products & include cleansers, toners and creamy moisturisers, packed with natural essential oils. So whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, there is a natural skincare regime just for you.

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