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Bowler Hat Lampshade - Mr J Designs

Mr J Designs

Mr J Designs is a furniture and product design company, based in Wales, that produces quirky and individual pieces of practical and desirable designer homewares and lighting, including the Charles Bowler Hat Light and Prince Edward Top Hat Light.

Behind Mr J Designs are two old school friends, James Ecroyd and Jon Clark, who left university with good degrees. Whilst in school they decided to start their own design company, so after university they got together and decided to follow their dream. Since the inception of Mr J Designs they have had a roller-coaster ride with lows and many highs and both say “We wouldn't swap any of the experiences we have had along the way, for the world”.

Mr J Designs take inspiration for their interesting and original designs from iconic British products and harness their quintessential Britishness, class and humour. For example, the Charles Bowler Hat is made from a British made Bowler, which is a felt hat with a rounded crown. The Bowler hat was originally created in 1849, for a Gentleman who was a British soldier and politician. The Bowler was later worn by the working classes of the Victorian era before being adopted by the middle and upper classes years later and was synonymous for ‘City’ men working in law and finance in the 1950’s.

All of Mr J Design products are made to the highest standards, using original ideas and British craftsmanship. They have built their reputation on making quality products that will last a life time and all their designs have a story of their own.

If you have any questions or design ideas you would like to discuss with Jon or James, then why not give them a call on 01244 940 772 or email them at [email protected].

You can also visit the Mr J Designs website at Be inspired!

  1. Charles Bowler Hat Lampshade

    Add something fun, traditional, yet modern to your home with this iconic British Bowler Hat Lampshade from Mr J Designs

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  2. Edward Top Hat Lampshade

    Bring a gentlemanly look to your home interiors, along with a sense of humour, with this fun lighting solution by Mr J Designs

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  3. The Glowing Guard Table Lamp by Mr J Designs

    The Glowing Guard Table Lamp

    Standing to attention! This Mr J Designs table lamp took its inspiration from The Queen's Guard uniform, so add a little bit of iconic Britain to your home!

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  4. Handlebar Moustache Wall Art

    A fun home or office wall art accessory that will make you smile all day long. Modelled on the handlebar moustache popular with soldiers in a by gone era

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  5. Oak Refectory Table Birds eye view

    Bespoke Oak Refectory Table

    Entertain your guests in style around a beautiful Bespoke Solid Oak Refectory Dining Table with bur oak inlay and lattice work by Mr J Designs.

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