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Make The Most Of Digital Marketing

Make The Most Of is a digital marketing platform for British and European businesses.

We provide a cost effective way for micro and small businesses, even sole traders, to be seen and trade online. More importantly MTMO gives assistance and guidance on SEO and content creation so that each unique business maximises their return from investment by increasing their online digital footprint and ultimately sales. You can find out more about Make The Most Of here, and why its offer is different to other platforms.  

MTMO offers businesses different ways to work on their own digital marketing strategies, complementing their other marketing efforts. This is done by providing a bespoke ‘mini website’ and/or multiple MTMO pages that reflect the story of the business, the service they offer or products they sell. eCommerce is also available .

In reality we offer several ways for businesses to enhance their web presence in conjunction with their own existing website and online strategy/marketing. Our knowledge and experience makes sure Member businesses get the best exposure they can, using reputable ways of creating informative content about all that they do and offer to maximise the impact on consumer choice and sales.

We are able to help beginners get online quickly, in addition to working with businesses who already have a web presence.

The digital marketing world is forever changing and MTMO strives to stay on top of the changes, making sure Member businesses are not left behind. Our work saves time, releasing management to work and develop their own businesses.

From sole traders to multi million pound businesses, we can assist and help with a complementary digital marketing strategy, footprint, promotion and SEO.

We like to work with businesses who have great products and services. We enjoy facilitating online trading, or enhancing an existing online presence.

We do this by offering several different levels of interaction and service;

  1. Signpost advert (our eBroshure) with location finder.
  2. Gold membership gives access to online trading, business profiles, multiple product and service descriptions with support.
  3. Platinum membership giving all the Gold and more.

Contact Karen and Louise by email at for further information.

  1. MTMO Business eBrochure

    Your MTMO Business eBrochure

    Every business, large and small, regardless of sector, needs an online presence. Our eBrochure will put you and your business online and for those of you who have a website, it will act as a signposting digital advert for your customers to find you. Your MTMO eBrochure will describe your business and allow the mobile generation to find you when they are near by, or in need of your goods or services. These digital adverts are designed to complement your existing digital marketing strategy and provide your customers with an additional opportunity of finding you online, via a different set of key search terms. All for fixed fee.

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    01352 720354 or 0791 7876819
  2. Make The Most Of Gold Digital Membership

    Make The Most Of Gold Digital Marketing Membership

    The personalised MTMO Gold Membership gives businesses access to mobile friendly online trading to enhance their existing or new online offering. In either case we work with you, using the latest SEO and digital marketing techniques including blogging and Social Media for a fixed annual fee.

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    Contact us for more information
    01352 720354 or 0791 7876819
  3. Make The Most Of Platinum Digital Marketing Membership

    Make The Most Of Platinum Digital Marketing Membership

    MTMO Platinum Membership gives your business all the Gold Membership benefits but with more regular updates and feedback. That is additional SEO, blogging and content marketing, with more flexibility during the course of the year. This gives you the option to adapt your content and business offering, all for a fixed annual fee.

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    Contact us for more information
    01352 720354 or 0791 7876819
  4. MTMO Prices for Digital Marketing Solutions

    MTMO Prices for Digital Marketing Solutions

    Every business needs to be seen online and reaching your customers in a number of different ways is important. With our help and expertise, your business can be online as part of Make The Most Of digital marketing platform within 2 weeks of receiving your product, service and business information from you. The services we offer at a cost effective price tag will also save you time. All 3 levels of our digital marketing services provide value for money, with complementary online promotion designed to increase your business digital footprint. The cost includes help with SEO and ranking through blogs and social media. We write the text and content too, researching Google friendly key search terms and phrases that your customers may use to find you. All packages are available for a fixed fee, starting at £120 for a 12 month contract.

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    01352 720354 or 0791 7876819
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