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Pell Wall Perfumes

Award winning perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes specialises in creating unisex fragrances & perfumes for men, women and the home and offer a bespoke custom perfume making service too. In addition Pell Wall Perfumes offers a bespoke private white label perfume consultancy service to brands of all sizes, manufacturing luxury fragrances by working to a brief. Pell Wall Perfumes also sell quality perfumery ingredients to businesses and individuals who wish to design and make their own bespoke perfumes and exquisite fragrances. With a stock of over 300 perfumery ingredients and materials, there is plenty of choice for the professional and beginner perfume maker.

Chris Bartlett chose the name for his artisan perfume business Pell Wall: Perfumes From The Edge, after his home in Shropshire. Surrounded by beautiful countryside Chris creates fine fragrances, inspired by the English countryside, poetry, the monarchy and much else besides. Pell Wall Perfumes offer an array of subtle fragrances for men,  women and  the home.

Pell Wall Perfumes are all hand made in Shropshire, England using only the finest ingredients from around the world and unlike other luxury designer perfumes, Chris ensures that the end result is always about the scent. There are no celebrity endorsements, expensive packaging and marketing costs, allowing Chris to use his expertise to create exquisite fragrances like no other. All Pell Wall Perfumes reflect a quality and superiority that comes from using a high proportion of natural ingredients to create a range of luxury perfumes, Eau de Toilette, fragrances for men and room scent.

Perfumer Chris Bartlett not only creates the Pell Wall range of perfumes and fragrances, he also designs fragrances for other brands, undertakes bespoke commissions and works with exclusive locations to scent their rooms with something special.

Chris Bartlett is a member of the British Society of Perfumers and writes on the subject of perfumery . Chris also arranges workshops where he teaches the art of perfumery, to inspire others starting out in the field. The Pell Wall Perfume courses are a great idea for those who love perfume and home scents, especially if they would like to create a personal scent of their own, for themselves or a loved one.

If you would like to contact Chris Bartlett directly, you can do so via [email protected], or by telephone number +44 (0)1630 652546.

You can also visit the Pell Wall Perfume website at

  1. Pretty in Pink Fragrance

    Treat yourself or your special lady to an elegant feminine fragrance that's delicate and sweetly scented with roses, lilies, jasmine and violet. A classic of Pell Wall Perfumes.

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  2. Pell Wall Unisex Perfumes & Fragrances Created by Perfumer Chris Bartlett

    Pell Wall Unisex Perfumes & Fragrances

    Perfumer Chris Bartlett's original scents from his niche perfume house Pell Wall Perfumes From The Edge, offer the discerning wearer a subtle air of sophistication that is unique and classic all at once. Choose from a range of fragrances and perfumes that suit many genre of style and include fragrances for men, perfumes for woman and a very popular range of unisex perfumes, that appeal to those who prefer the subtle overtones of earthy wonders.

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  3. Make Your Own Custom Made Perfume With Pell Wall Perfumes

    Make Your Own Custom Made Perfume

    Personalise your perfume, fragrance or cologne with perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes. Make your own bespoke custom made perfume fragrance the easy way and enjoy the sensual experience of working with scents that appeal to your personality. Chris Bartlett will help you make your own custom perfume, guiding you through the processes so that you enjoy the unique experience of creating your own perfume for either you or a loved one. This luxury bespoke custom made perfume service is a must for those who prefer an individual style to their fragrance.

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  4. Bespoke Private White Label Perfume Manufacturer, Pell Wall Perfumes

    Private White Label Perfume Manufacturer

    Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes is a Private White Label Manufacturer stocking over 300 quality perfume making ingredients and materials. If you are looking to create your own signature fragrance or perfume, then perfumer Chris Bartlett is the perfect choice as your private white label manufacturer, as he works closely to a brief for small and large brands, creating white label perfumes that are individual and distinctive. By working closely with brands, Chris is able to define and capture the essence of the notes and scents described in the brief, ensuring every client has a bespoke and personalised white label perfume or fragrance to suit their needs.

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  5. Perfumery Ingredients to design & create your own perfume from Pell Wall Perfumes

    Design & Make Your Own Perfume

    As we spend a fortune on perfumes and fragrances every year, why not design and make your own perfume! Buy quality perfume making ingredients and materials from professional perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes and get advice from someone who knows exactly what it takes to create a sensual well balanced perfume, before you buy your perfume making ingredients. Choose from a list of over 300 quality perfume ingredients and materials and enjoy experimenting with your own bespoke fragrance design, that says something perfect about you. Get creative and make your own perfume using your favourite luxury fragrances and ingredients.

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  6. Natural Perfume Ingredients For Making Perfume

    Buy Natural Perfume Ingredients For Making Perfume

    Buy quality natural perfume ingredients for sale from Perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes, who has sourced a wide variety of quality natural perfume ingredients to use in perfume making, ideal for those looking to make their own perfume fragrance or room scent as a hobby, business, or profession. Finding quality natural perfume ingredients for sale, all in one place can be difficult and Chris is on hand to assist should you need extra help in choosing exactly what you are looking for. As an award winning British perfume maker, Chris Bartlett is the perfect person to sell quality natural perfume ingredients, especially as he only uses the best quality perfume ingredients in his own fragrance collection. Natural perfume ingredients for sale include, essential oils, absolutes, natural isolates and tinctures.

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  7. Beginners Perfume Making Workshops With Perfumer Chris Bartlett

    Beginners Perfume Making Workshops With Perfumer Chris Bartlett

    These London based Beginners Perfume Making Workshops are run by professional practicing perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes and are designed to take beginners from an introduction in perfume making, through to creating their own bottle of perfume all in a day. The beginners perfume making workshops will teach you the basics in understanding the differences in perfume making ingredients & materials, to help you understand simple fragrance formulas. At the end of the Perfume Making Workshop you will have created your own bottle of perfume to take home with you. Contact Chris Bartlett directly at [email protected] or by telephone 07792 580511 to book your workshop and enjoy learning about the art of perfumery and the creation of fragrances from an expert and practicing British perfumer.

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  8. Advanced Perfume Making Workshop London

    Advanced Perfume Making Workshop London

    Advanced Perfume Making Workshops are run by British Perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes and are designed for those who have either attended the Beginners Perfume Making Workshop run by Chris, or have a knowledge and understanding of the essential perfume making techniques of blending and the importance of common perfume materials and how they work. The Advanced Perfume Making Workshop will look at a particular group of materials used in perfumery, including how they will work in formulas and with other compounds. Contact Chris Bartlett directly at [email protected] or by telephone 07792 580511, to find out availability and enjoy connecting with a perfumer expert to enhance your own knowledge, skill and perfume making technique

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  9. Buy Quality Perfume Materials & Ingredients For Perfumery

    Buy Quality Perfume Materials & Ingredients For Perfumery

    The ideal way to buy quality perfume making materials and ingredients for perfumery, is to choose to buy them from an actual perfumer who only uses the best materials in their own perfume fragrances, cologne and room scents. British Perfumer Chris Bartlett who specialises in creating artisan indie perfumes under his own Pell Wall Perfumes label, sells over 300 quality perfume ingredients and materials. With a wide range of excellently sourced perfume materials for perfumery, plus a professional perfume maker available to advise, why would you go anywhere else to buy your ingredients for perfumery?

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  10. Bespoke Wedding Day Perfume by Pell Wall Perfumes

    Bespoke Wedding Day Perfume

    Your own bespoke wedding day perfume will scent your day to perfection. The romance of curating a personalised perfume for your wedding day will always remind you of one of the best days of your life. As a bride and groom project creating a bespoke wedding day perfume will add something extra special to your celebration of love for each other. You can even create your own unique wedding day favours for your guests, by adding perfume favours to your reception tables. Your bespoke wedding day perfume made by perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes will be a scent to remember forever.

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  11. Perfume Wedding Favours - Pell Wall Perfumes

    Perfume Wedding Favours

    Perfume wedding favours make perfect gifts for your bridal party and guests. Add a thoughtful touch to your wedding reception tables with one of these perfume goody bags that come presented with a card describing the inspiration behind the fragrance. You can even commission your own bespoke wedding perfume. These mini fragrances from Pell Wall Perfumes are beautifully presented in sophisticated Art Deco inspired vintage style perfume bottles and come packaged in a velvet bag with room for you to add your own personal message too. Perfume is a great wedding favour idea and is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

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  12. Bespoke Perfume Design Service - Pell Wall Perfumes

    Bespoke Perfume Design Service

    This Bespoke Perfume Design Service offers you the opportunity to make and create a perfume just for you or someone special. As a bespoke perfume design service, it comprises of a detailed consultation with professional perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes, after which Chris will create two sample perfume fragrances designed just for you. You choose your favourite bespoke perfume from one of the samples and this will become your very own unique perfume fragrance, which means only you can order a refill! This bespoke perfume fragrance design service is a luxury gift to yourself or your loved one. Enjoy making a unique bespoke perfume fragrance that will suit only you , or your recipient and no-one else. Get in touch with Chris Bartlett to find out more today.

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