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Alpaca Duvet & Bedding - Penrose Products™

Penrose Products™

These alpaca duvets and bedding accessories form Penrose Products are a great find for keeping you cosy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Designed to regulate your tempreture whilst you sleep, these duvets, pillows and organic bedding sets are great bedroom buys, making them excellent gifts for the home and great wedding present ideas.

Paul Whittey has spent 16 years, as a Manufacturing Professional. He helps businesses improve their performances by developing long term team culture strategies for their durable future success. Paul wanted to use his own skills to create a sustainable business for himself and his family, and set up Penrose Products™, a bedding and soft furnishings business. The manufacturing business currently creates handmade luxury alpaca bedding and soft furnishings in Nottinghamshire and Paul has lots of plans to extend his range over time.  As an organisation Penrose Products™only use materials that have been sustainably sourced and strive to limit waste wherever possible by using every bit of fibre and fabric.

Paul loves the idea behind his bedding range and planned to create the end product before owning an alpaca herd of his own. Paul and his team  thoroughly researched the breeding and care of alpacas as part of his sustainability business model within the UK textile industries before embarking on his own manufacturing business. The next stage of the business will be to introduce his own alpaca herd to complete the sustainability model.

Paul and his family team never gave up on their dream and have gone on to produce a wonderful luxurious alpaca fibre filled bedding range. They even offer a made to order service for odd sized soft furnishings. The bedding has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and the organic range on offer only use Soil association and GOTS approved fabrics.

Penrose Products™ are a Sustain Lincoln winner for their approach to innovative packaging. Their packaging can be used as a green waste bag or storage bin. They have been awarded the Luxury Premium Gift of the Year for 2013 and are a Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner too.

Paul is a strong supporter of the British rural economy and has established a supply chain of raw materials within the UK that enables him to employ local people and keep their fibre miles or carbon footprint to a minimum. Paul and his team work hard to build successful sustainable working relationships with all of their suppliers, including the alpaca farmers. The end results are a number of cosy, allergen free, luxurious and desirable bedding products.

  1. Luxurious Alpaca Duvets

    Filled with alpaca wool, these duvets are lightweight but warm, and ideal for allergy sufferers. Pure luxury

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    from £80.00
  2. Organic Alpaca Duvets

    With an organic cotton cover and 100% alpaca wool filling, these duvets are eco-friendly and oh-so comfy

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    from £125.00
  3. Organic Alpaca Mattress Topper

    With a 100% alpaca wool filling and organic cotton cover, this mattress topper is the ultimate in luxury

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    from £100.00
  4. Luxury Alpaca Mattress Topper

    Adding a mattress topper will make you bed so comfortable. Ours are made from anti-allergenic alpaca wool

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    from £80.00
  5. Organic Alpaca Pillow

    Eco-friendly and anti-allergenic, our organic alpaca wool pillows provide support for your head and neck

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    from £69.00
  6. Organic Alpaca Bedding Sets

    Save money on organic alpaca wool bedding by opting for a duvet and pillow or duvet, pillow and topper set

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    from £211.20
  7. Luxury Alpaca Bedding Sets

    Opt for a duvet and pillow set, or duvet, pillow and mattress topper set to save on fabulous alpaca bedding

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    from £152.00
  8. Bespoke Soft Furnishings

    Bespoke Alpaca Bedding & Cushions

    Get a bespoke sized alpaca filled duvet, topper, pillow, or cushion made to order for your home

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