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Natural Organic Skincare - Pink & Green Skincare

Pink & Green Skincare

Carol is the founder and creator of Wiltshire skincare company, Pink&Green, a high quality natural skincare brand for women that is effortless to apply, beautiful, uncomplicated and affordable.

Pink was chosen to represent women and green for the environment.

As an holistic therapist, Carol wants to encourage women to enjoy more time for themselves and feel confident in their appearance. Her passion for creating natural skincare and an affinity with nature inspired her to create a range of products for bath, body and face to encourage women to feel ‘hello gorgeous’ every day! All women should enjoy quality time, even if they only have five minutes to themselves a day.

Pink&Green products cleanse, protect & rejuvenate with natural and organic ingredients accredited to the highest standards by the Soil Association.  The ethics of the supply chain is important to Carol’s brand – suppliers must care about the environment, their people and their products.

These naturally luxurious products combine natural essential oil blends, with specialist carrier oils that perform beautifully, while balancing both mind and body. All the ingredients are natural and responsibly sourced, and every product in the Pink&Green range is hand-made in small batches, with love and care, in Carol’s Wiltshire studio.

Carol has gained huge insight into the challenges people face in their lives through her holistic therapy and beauty business. Over time, she has noticed that (in general) women expect a lot of themselves.  What we can forget to do, is find ourselves in there somewhere and give this important aspect of “self” much more quality time. Listening to hundreds of women tell her their stories has offered Carol a privileged insight into the outcomes they want for themselves.

Through her understanding of how women wish to feel about themselves, coupled with her skincare knowledge, Carol looked for a way to offer positive reinforcement of these values on a regular basis, alongside lovingly created skincare. She set about creating her own skincare range Pink&Green.  The range is focused on creating an organic skincare range; the formulations being completely sourced from nature – no preservatives, no harsh chemicals.  Her range Pink&Green is focused on offering you the invitation to acknowledge your gorgeousness; remind yourself you are special; offer the opportunity for quality time and embrace self-worth.

 Read Pink&Green testimonials here.

Contact Carol directly should you wish to discuss any of the Pink&Green skin and body care range before you buy via email at [email protected] or by telephone on 0781 580 7775.

  1. Pink&Green Organic Facial Skincare

    Choose your perfect organic facial skincare range infused with natural essential oils to suit your skin tone and enjoy a pamper giftset that arrives through your letterbox even when you are out all day.

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    from £9.75
  2. Pink&Green Bath & Shower Oils

    Organic bath oils with natural essential oils are the best way to end a busy day. So when the children have gone to bed, indulge yourself with a little pampering luxury with your favourite P&G Organic Skincare bath and shower oils.

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  3. Pink&Green Body Oils & Body Butter

    Natural body oils with essential oils and a sumptuously scented body butter are a fabulous way to mousturise your skin. Apply to damp skin for maximum effect and soothe your skin in to a glowing silkiness with P&G Skincare Organics bodycare product range.

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  4. P&G Organic Skincare Hand Lotion

    P&G Organic Hand Lotion

    Natural organic hand lotion infused with wonderful scented essential oils, will keep your hands moisturised, conditioned and silky. Enjoy the comfort that P&G Organic Skincare bring with a little 'Sunshine For Your Hands' in their new hand lotion formula.

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  5. Pink&Green Organic Skincare Gift Sets

    These beautifully presented organic gift sets are great gift ideas for those who love to indulge in the scents of natural essential oils. P&G Organic Skincare want you to pamper yourself with one of their facial skincare or bodycare gift sets.

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  6. Pink&Green Gift Vouchers

    The perfect present - a gift voucher for those who enjoy the holistic wellbeing benefits of natural essential oils as part of their skin and body care daily regime. Gift vouchers redeemable on any P&G Organic Skincare range.

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    from £20.00
  7. P&G Essential Oil Organic Skincare & Bodycare Product Range

    Pink & Green Essential Oil Organic Skincare Range

    The Pink & Green natural facial skincare regime and bodycare range of products offer a natural organic solution to healthy skin, using essential oils to benefit all skin types. Smooth and moisturised skin offers us all an innate feeling of wellbeing. Pink & Green Organic Skincare use luxury calming natural organic ingredients to cleanse, tone and moisturise the body and face with naturally scented formulas, essentials for those who love their skin to glow.

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  8. Pink & Green Daily Facial Skincare Regime Sample Kits

    Sample Kits For Pink & Green Facial Skincare

    These sample facial skincare regime kits from Pink & Green Organic Skincare are the perfect way to find the right essential oil infused facial products for your skin type. Carol Aplin founder of P & G Skincare has used her holistic training to create the ideal natural daily facial skincare regime using essential oils that work with all skin types. So it doesn't matter if you have dry, oily, mature or normal skin, there is a facial skincare regime just for you. These sample kits are an excellent way to try a new personal facial skincare regime and will last at least a week, giving your skin time to glow before you invest in your new skincare products.

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