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Ceramic Kitchen Knives - Rocknife


Rocknife Ceramic Knives is the brain child of 5 people who got together, to design kitchenware that is interesting, functional and innovative, as they saw something missing from the marketplace. The end result are these fabulous black and white chequered ceramic bladed knives, that have a unique designer style, premium functionality and a dynamic feel, ensuring cooking is enjoyable and fun.

As a team made up of friends and family, with budding cooks and foodies amongst them, they knew that ceramic kitchen knives were sharp and long lasting, but lacked features in design and quality. So the fabulous 5 set out to change this, utilising their combined skills and backgrounds to create ceramic kitchen knives to be proud of.

These jazzy premium ceramic knives tell their own story and together, the members of the Rocknife team have created a business with one main aim: To produce striking Ceramic Kitchen Knives for the home, that are practical, long lasting, desirable, sharp and fun to use.

The team consists of; lead product designer Damien, who created the original Rocknife; Tom who heads up marketing; Guy as copywriter, illustrator and web designer; Madeleine as award winning photographer; and Henny who does more than anyone else in customer services. This dynamic and talented team say of their new product and business:-

"We are driven by the desire to produce better ceramic kitchen knives, that have inspired designs, with strong ambitions to make a difference in kitchenware, and a willingness to embrace new manufacturing processes. We truly believe in our ceramic knives and their durability. We are very excited to launch this new range of kitchen knives that will appeal to home owners and professional chefs alike."

Rocknife Testimonials

  • "Excellent product and very stylish!"- Deborah A
  • "The knife is so sharp, it is great and I love the colour - perfect."- Jenny C
  • Top knives. "Sharp and do a great job so far as well as looking smart. In comparison to other sets i have had that fall to bits but have cost a lot more im impressed so far. Come really well presented so impressive as a gift as well." Trevor W
  • "Fantastic, they slice through a tomato like nothing else. Also look great in the kitchen". - Chloe C

  • Spring Fair 2015 (NEC) Product Winner
  1. Lime Green Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

    Jazzy Ceramic Knives with Lime Green handles from Rocknife are sure to meet all of your culinary needs. Designed for long lasting sharpness and comfortable handling, these ceramic knives are an excellent kitchenware accessory.

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  2. Pink Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

    These bright Pink Ceramic Knives from Rocknife, will make a striking kitchenware accessory, at home or work. The designer ceramic kitchen knives are a British design that 'rocks' in style and jazziness!

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  3. Multi-Coloured Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

    Add bold designs in kitchenware to your home or workplace with these Multi-Coloured Ceramic Kitchen Knives from Rocknife. Sharp, jazzy and functional, these ceramic knives make excellent gift ideas.

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  4. Red and Black Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

    This stylish Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set from Rocknife, is designed to inspire culinary delights with a sharpness that rocks! As Jazzy ceramic knives, they are a fabulous 'must have' kitchenware accessory. Excellent gift ideas for foodies and chefs alike.

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  5. Rocknife Lime Green and Pink Ceramic Knife Set

    Add vibrant colours to your kitchen workspace with these ceramic kitchen knives from Rocknife. Jazz up the cooking tasks by using these sharp ceramic knives, designed to make easy work of cutting, slicing and preparing food in any kitchen.

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  6. Rocknife Ceramic Single Kitchen Knives

    These jazzy ceramic kitchen knives from Rocknife are sharp, practical and fun to use when cutting, chopping and preparing food, whether in a home or working kitchen. Designer driven design and functionality make these single kitchen knives an excellent choice.

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  7. Rocknife Mix and Match Ceramic Knife Set

    These jazzy ceramic knives feature British Design at it's very best. Even better, you are able to choose which coloured handles you want for each black and white chequered ceramic knife blade to complement your style and that of your kitchen.

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