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Never leaving the family, the Scarlet & Argent by Hainsworth story, is intricately woven throughout 230 years of history. The Scarlet and Argent brand of products are designed to connect with your own family, where you will appreciate that by owning a beautiful array of traditionally created British Made products, all woven with generations of skill, dedication and knowledge, you also own a piece of history. Scarlet & Argent wool inspired products are the perfect foundation for your own family memories.

 The Scarlet and Argent name reflects the history and heritage of the brand's woven woollen fabric;

  • Scarlet for the uniforms provided to the Military all the way back to the Battle of Waterloo, and
  • Argent for the Hainsworth white mill weaving process.

The Scarlet & Argent label epitomises all that the Hainsworth family have worked for over 230 years and showcases their pride through the skill that produces a substantial range of beautiful quality throws, blankets, wraps and woollen accessories, including their handsome handmade woollen teddy bear. The creativity at the Mill at Hainsworth reflects and captures the importance of connecting between self, history and family together.

Scarlet & Argent Heritage

The Hainsworth family mill was established by saving gold sovereigns in a silver pint mug over a fireplace in the late 1700’s. The Hainsworth family feel lucky, not to mention extremely proud, to have been able to touch and influence so many moments in history. Over  230 years, the family stories and skills have been passed down through generations of, not only the Hainsworth family, but also the families of their mill workers too, and these historic moments and great skills  have also been witnessed by billions of people across the world over the last two centuries.

The Hainsworth Mill

The Hainsworth Mill is located in Stanningley near Leeds, where it has stood since the early 1800s. Like most traditional mills, it has been through tough times, suffering devastating fires twice, as well as a flood. However the Hainsworth Mill still inhabits the original building.

Everyone who works at the Hainsworth Mill loves the Mill's location, not only is it easy to get to, but, more so, because the Mill has quite literally, been part of the local community for such a long time, having employed multiple generations of local families. This has given the whole business a wider family feel and is one of the main reasons why the Hainsworth family believe 'family' is so important.

The Hainsworth Mill also benefits from being sited directly over their own private spring, which supplies the water used in all the processes to produce the  wool. The water is beautifully hard, which offers a unique finish to all Scarlet & Argent woollen home accessories and products. The finishing processes for all the woollen products at Hainsworth Mill are impossible to replicate, making all their products very individual.

The Hainsworth family say of their mill the following;

"Our historic mill is truly vertical; that means that every process from receipt of raw wool to the dispatch of beautifully finished Scarlet and Argent products are all completed within the Hainsworth Mill in Yorkshire. As the products don’t leave our mill until they are complete, we have the joy of being able to really focus on craftsmanship, checking each item, every step of the way, from raw fleece, to your door. 

Weaving is not a quick and simple process; luckily we have over 230 years of experience to ensure that all of our products provide beautiful finishing touches to your home and will create a wonderful back drop to family life and entertaining.

We are very proud of our own family heritage too and would not be here today without a Determined Entrepreneur, The Eccentric and our Historical and Royal Connections". Follow this link to find out more 

  1. Scarlet & Argent Heritage Throw Collection

    British designer throws from the Scarlet and Argent Heritage collection. Each woollen throw is inspired by different eras of great British History. Take a look here and find out more - there are a choice of 5 beautiful options for your home.

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  2. Scarlet & Argent Blanket Collection

    This collection of blankets from Scarlet and Argent, combine classic and modern weaves together, including the traditional Twill weave, with the whole purpose of creating sumptuously desirable blankets.

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    from £195.00
  3. Scarlet & Argent Cushion Collection

    This Cushion collection from Scarlet and Argent combines British heritage and Hainsworth history, to create beautiful & versatile wool cushions, designed to enhance many room interiors.

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    from £60.00
  4. Scarlet & Argent Unity Throw Collection

    This Unity Throw Collection from Scarlet and Argent offers you a simple timeless choice of throw for every occasion. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making them great picnic throws too.

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  5. Scarlet & Argent Twill & Granite Throw Collection

    This range of Twill & Granite throws from Scarlet and Argent are timeless pieces, combining two 230 year old weaves into one throw, making it a British classic. Choice of colours

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  6. Scarlet & Argent Trilogy Throw Collection

    Add a contemporary feel to your home interiors with a very British and traditional Trilogy Woven Throw from Scarlet and Argent by Hainsworth.

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  7. Scarlet & Argent Baby Blanket Collection

    Choose a soft merino and cashmere, lightweight baby blanket for your new bundle of joy. Historical British brand Scarlet and Argent by Hainsworth combine over two centuries of weaving skills and know how to create these super soft blankets.

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  8. Scarlet & Argent Cashmere Teddy Bear

    This Cashmere Teddy Bear will make the perfect gift for everyone. The choice of ribbon trim for each hand stitched designer Teddy reflects the colours of the iconic British brand Scarlet and Argent and are a must have collectable for generations to come.

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  9. Luxury Scented Candle by Scarlet and Argent

    Scarlet & Argent Luxury Scented Candle

    This Luxury Scented Candle from Scarlet and Argent, made with the scents of Lavender & Cedar wood, is designed to help you relax. The fragrance of this scented candle will ease the body, mind and soul. Enjoy!

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  10. Wool Coaster Set by Scarlet and Argent

    Scarlet & Argent Wool Coaster Set

    This versatile Coaster Set from Scarlet and Argent will help you protect your tabletops. The set of 4 heat resistant, durable wool coasters are made in Britain in colours of striking red and grey.

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  11. Scarlet & Argent Family Journal

    A Family Journal from Scarlet and Argent. Take pride in your family history and pass down inspiration and memories to your loved ones. Start recording your own family history today.

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  12. Cedar Wood by Scarlet and Argent

    Scarlet & Argent Cedar Block

    This is a natural scented moth repellent. A Cedar Wood block from Scarlet and Argent is an organic insect repellent suitable for all your storage spaces and is an excellent way to protect your woollens, blankets and throws.

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