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Support British Businesses Today

Supporting British businesses is a great way to boost your local community online and offline. So if you are you looking for something in particular - maybe a product or service - here you will find a number of British businesses that may offer you exactly what you are looking for. Some of these businesses will link to pages within Make The Most of and others directly to their websites, making it easy for you to source and find what you are looking for. Here at Make The Most Of we want our website visitors to reach out to the British businesses we promote and support, who are waiting to connect with you. 

So whether you are after a butler, wedding photographer, or a gift for yourself or special occasion, take a tour of what is on offer with Make The Most Of and enjoy browsing great British businesses.

With a wonderful selection of talented creative British businesses you can discover a wealth of products to source and buy from blankets, throws, designer fabrics, homewares, art work, fashion designs and accessories and lots lots more.

Please contact us if you are looking for something specific, as we will do what we can to assist, as we love to champion great British businesses.

Start supporting British businesses today.

  1. Herbal Spice & Fruit Teas From Wise Owl Tea

    Herbal Fruit Teas From Wise Owl Tea

    Enjoy the healthy benefits of herbal spice fruit teas from Wise Owl Tea and jazz up your wellbeing today. With tasty flavours of herbs and spices from around the globe, these hand blended British teas from Wise Owl Tea offers various options for healthy enjoyment. With a choice of lemongrass, chilli, chocolate, bitter melon, olive leaf, bamboo leaf, nettle and peppermint, jazz up your daily life the wise way with your favourite herbal tea.

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  2. Commission A British Memory Quilt with Quilts By Lisa Watson & Buy A Quilt that is all about you!

    Commission A British Memory Quilt

    Memory quilts are back in fashion, so why not create your own with British quilt maker Lisa Watson. Capture your own personal story for generations to come in a memory heirloom strip quilt. Lisa Watson takes commissions to create personalised bespoke luxury quilts that fashion fabrics, meaning something to you, into a unique handmade quilt, using traditional techniques with a contemporary twist. Transform your favourite clothes, wedding dress, ties, or even your child's baby clothes into a memory quilt for future generations to enjoy. Perfect for capturing the special moments in your life, a beautiful reversible commissioned throw is a practical addition to any home, doubling up as a bed cover, throw, blanket, or as a cosy wrap for snuggling under on the sofa. Get creative with your own ideas for a bespoke quilt and let Lisa Watson create your own personlised Memory quilt today.

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  3. Perfumery Ingredients to design & create your own perfume from Pell Wall Perfumes

    Design & Make Your Own Perfume

    As we spend a fortune on perfumes and fragrances every year, why not design and make your own perfume! Buy quality perfume making ingredients and materials from professional perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes and get advice from someone who knows exactly what it takes to create a sensual well balanced perfume, before you buy your perfume making ingredients. Choose from a list of over 300 quality perfume ingredients and materials and enjoy experimenting with your own bespoke fragrance design, that says something perfect about you. Get creative and make your own perfume using your favourite luxury fragrances and ingredients.

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  4. Bespoke Private White Label Perfume Manufacturer, Pell Wall Perfumes

    Private White Label Perfume Manufacturer

    Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes is a Private White Label Manufacturer stocking over 300 quality perfume making ingredients and materials. If you are looking to create your own signature fragrance or perfume, then perfumer Chris Bartlett is the perfect choice as your private white label manufacturer, as he works closely to a brief for small and large brands, creating white label perfumes that are individual and distinctive. By working closely with brands, Chris is able to define and capture the essence of the notes and scents described in the brief, ensuring every client has a bespoke and personalised white label perfume or fragrance to suit their needs.

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  5. ECommerce Development Shop & Design from Ecommerce Heroes

    Magento Wordpress Ecommerce Development Shop

    ECommerce Heroes are a boutique website consultancy service that offers a hands on practical approach to bespoke web development and design. With a friendly professional service ECommerce Heroes create great looking personalised websites in Magento, Wordpress, Squarespace & other open source technologies. As an Ecommerce Development Shop with up to date design led creative ideas, you are sure to be able to access your web services from web design to web development & website hosting all in one place.

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  6. Make Your Own Custom Made Perfume With Pell Wall Perfumes

    Make Your Own Custom Made Perfume

    Personalise your perfume, fragrance or cologne with perfumer Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes. Make your own bespoke custom made perfume fragrance the easy way and enjoy the sensual experience of working with scents that appeal to your personality. Chris Bartlett will help you make your own custom perfume, guiding you through the processes so that you enjoy the unique experience of creating your own perfume for either you or a loved one. This luxury bespoke custom made perfume service is a must for those who prefer an individual style to their fragrance.

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  7. Natural Aromatherapy Skincare from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare

    Natural Aromatherapy Skincare

    Small batches of natural aromatherapy, additive free, skincare from LouLouBelle offer a spa quality facial care regime for every day use, with special night time skin oils infused with essential oils for extra calming, moisturising and skin replenishing qualities too. Start your day with a happy glow and look after your face and hands the essential oil scented way and enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy inspired skincare range.

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  8. Natural Aromatherapy Skincare With Essential Oils from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare

    Aromatherapy Skincare With Essential Oils

    Are you looking for a new natural Aromatherapy skincare range with essential oils that will pamper & condition your skin and leave you with that glowing feeling? LouLouBelle Natural Skincare offers a wonderful luxury range of natural essential oil formulas for face care and hands. So whether it is a cleanser, toner, moisturiser or hand cream you seek, there are choices for all skin types. These balanced aromatherapy inspired skincare formulas will rejuvenate & refresh, leaving skin naturally scented with orange, rose or lemon. Gift sets are available to tempt you over to LouLouBelle Natural Skincare.

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  9. Pell Wall Unisex Perfumes & Fragrances Created by Perfumer Chris Bartlett

    Pell Wall Unisex Perfumes & Fragrances

    Perfumer Chris Bartlett's original scents from his niche perfume house Pell Wall Perfumes From The Edge, offer the discerning wearer a subtle air of sophistication that is unique and classic all at once. Choose from a range of fragrances and perfumes that suit many genre of style and include fragrances for men, perfumes for woman and a very popular range of unisex perfumes, that appeal to those who prefer the subtle overtones of earthy wonders.

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  10. P&G Essential Oil Organic Skincare & Bodycare Product Range

    Pink & Green Essential Oil Organic Skincare Range

    The Pink & Green natural facial skincare regime and bodycare range of products offer a natural organic solution to healthy skin, using essential oils to benefit all skin types. Smooth and moisturised skin offers us all an innate feeling of wellbeing. Pink & Green Organic Skincare use luxury calming natural organic ingredients to cleanse, tone and moisturise the body and face with naturally scented formulas, essentials for those who love their skin to glow.

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  11. Book Your Personal Rosset Besoke Bulter Today

    Book Your Personal Rosset Besoke Bulter Today

    Bespoke butler services are all the rage today. Whether it is a wedding butler or a private house party butler you are seeking, Rosset Bespoke Butlers offer an excellent all round service that covers housekeeping, valet and butler services. Rosset Besopke Butlers also run a butler and household training school, so if you are looking for staff for a private household or an exclusive hotel, then contact Simeon Rosset for help.

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  12. Designer Fabrics From Julia Brendel

    Designer Fabrics From Julia Brendel

    Choose your favourite Julia Brendel textile fabrics, drapery, or upholstery textiles and create a new look to your chic interiors. Brighten up your country chic decor with colour and fabric patterns that have been inspired by folklore, culture, traditions and heritage. The Julia Brendel fabric company offer a designer range of fabrics and textiles that include fine linens, table linen, table cloths and table runners, plus several other options including; luxury fashion accessories with an array of beautifully woven cashmere scarves made in Britain, as well as beautiful fabrics for curtains, blinds and lampshades.

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