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Natural moth repellents made in the UK - Total Wardrobe Care

Total Wardrobe Care

Here you will find wardrobe solutions for getting rid of moth infestations. Wardrobe storage care is all important to Julia Dee of Total Wardrobe Care, who has over 30 years of experience caring for her clients' clothing. Total Wardrobe Care was created out of the need to find perfect solutions for her clients' wardrobes, including natural moth repellents. 

Julia's background originates in tailoring and she studied fashion design at Art College. Since then she has  worked with clients from around the world, tailoring, altering and caring for their clothes.

Through her business, she would visit clients in their homes, fit their clothes and take them back to her workroom for altering, remodelling, refining  and repairing. Julia's business grew organically from there and her clients often asked for advice on how to hang, fold and store their clothes and accessories in a way that would maintain their quality and durability.

The whole concept behind Total Wardrobe Care came about because Julia, on behalf her clients could not find all the products she required to support the advice she often gave. She has spent  the last five years researching and developing the best products for hanging, storing and protecting clothing in wardrobes. Julia has created some wonderfully natural products that have been sourced and made in the UK, for protecting the most precious  items.

Julia's  biggest challenge was finding a natural, organic moth deterrent that did not leave a nasty smell on clothes or other household essentials. Julia unearthed a wonderful fresh scent whilst walking in the New Forest that was an effective deterrent to moths, the worst nightmare of any wardrobe, airing cupboard or storage blanket chest. Finding a product that we love and moths hate was indeed a great find. This has become a 'must have' for all wardrobes and storage spaces in order to protect cashmere, woollens, cottons  and all other fabrics that moths adore to lay their eggs on and their larvae to make holes in!

Total Wardrobe Care offer many products and options for the wardrobe. For products that are not displayed here, please see their full range by visiting them at

You can also contact Julia and her team at [email protected] or by telephone 020 7228 3259.

Julia Dee, as founder of Total Wardrobe Care, is always inspired by her clients and their needs and is always looking for new ideas and solutions. If you have any queries that you feel Julia will be able to help you with then please contact Julia directly via [email protected] .

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