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Tricketts of Sheffield

Tricketts of Sheffield was founded in 1880, over 130 years ago. Tricketts quickly established its reputation as a leading manufacturer of the finest quality cutlery within Sheffield, exporting all over the world, especially to the USA.  Sheffield became synonymous for being the world’s best producer of fine silver, silverplated & stainless steel cutlery and Tricketts contributed to that reputation.

The Company remained in the Trickett family for over 90 years before falling on difficult times. Taken over in 1989 by Chimo Holdings it began recovering lost ground to re-establish its former glory as a manufacturer of high quality cutlery and tableware. Tricketts of Sheffield, has a shining reputation for luxury and their quality cutlery is recognised globally and you will find it in many leading stores, palaces, stately homes, restaurants and the finest hotels.

One of Tricketts of Sheffield’s flagship products, are the traditional cream handled knives that so many of us adore. The handles are no longer made from ivory & traditional bone as they once were, but have been modernised using updated techniques so that the cream coloured handled knives, forks and spoons are now dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean, use and own. The handles are individually cut and shaped from sheet (no plastic extrusion) within the Sheffield factory. There are two classical cream handled styles – the round ‘candle end’ and the very traditional square ‘London Octagon’.

The handles are put together with various shaped blades, using traditional methods and no adhesives. The blade and handle are individually polished to give a fine high-quality finish before each piece of cutlery is separately inspected as part of the stringent quality control tests undertaken by Anne Hodson and Rosie Howcroft.  Only then is a knife etched with the Tricketts of Sheffield logo, which represents the high quality of craftsmanship used in creating a single piece, which has been the case since 1880.

In excess of 1200 Tricketts cream handled knives are made every month and shipped all over the world. In fact over 70% of all products made within the Chimo Holdings group are exported around the globe – which makes Tricketts a great British company contributing to the UK economy and an employer of incredibly talented people.  Recently Tricketts of Sheffield have introduced a dishwasher safe black handled cutlery range as a modern alternative to the cream handled cutlery they produce. They have been able to create this new designer range by using the same quality traditional craftsmanship that has evolved over 130 years.

Tricketts now affords you the opportunity to own a set of these true classics in cutlery. If you are looking for a quality wedding gift or a house warming present, these cutlery sets will make dining in style so much easier. Memorable gifts for the home become heirlooms, offering future generations the possibility of revelling in lovely warm feelings of nostalgia from a bye gone era.

Buying directly from the Sheffield factory that produces the cutlery has never been easier and even if you have cutlery with old cracked and worn cream handled knives, you can update them for modern cream handles by contacting the Cutlery Hospital on telephone number 0843 289 1335  or visit for further information. Saving a canteen of cutlery that has been a family heirloom for generations is easier with the Cutlery Hospital services offered by Chimo Holdings in Sheffield and it is eco friendly too!

Over time we will be bringing you blogs and articles about the wonderfully talented & creative craftsmen who actually make the knives (the cutlers), those who make the spoons and forks (traditionally know as flatware) and from the skilled people who work on the handles. Paul Weatherstone and Stacey Wilkinson are two who will feature.


  1. Tricketts of Sheffield Narrow French Knives

    These iconic and classical cream handled knives with Candle End handles and Narrow French Blades from Tricketts of Sheffield make an excellent choice to replace discoloured or damaged knives in old canteens of cutlery. Now dishwasher safe these knives are available with cream or black handles.

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    from £15.35
  2. Tricketts of Sheffield Tapered Knives

    These traditional cream handled knives with Candle End handles and modern Taper Blades, also come with a black handle option for a modern twist to fine dining. Dishwasher safe, these knives will complement the Tricketts Baguette cutlery range too.

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    Tricketts of Sheffield

    from £15.35
  3. Tricketts of Sheffield Parallel Blade Knives

    These rounded Candle End knives, with a traditional parallel blade, are available with either, cream or black handles. You can also personalise your knife blade finish. Also dishwasher safe.

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    from £15.95
  4. Tricketts of Sheffield London Octagon Knives

    The ultimate in traditional knives – the special hand-made cream Square London Octagon handle with the Parallel blade from Tricketts of Sheffield. Choose your finish and know they will be dishwasher safe too.

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    from £21.35
  5. Tricketts Baguette Stainless Steel Cutlery

    A full range of beautiful stainless steel knives, forks and spoons from Tricketts. Complement your dishwasher safe cream or black hand finished knives with this superior cutlery range too.

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    from £3.55
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