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Luxury Keepsake Patchwork Memory Quilts - Vintage and Floral London

Vintage and Floral London

Handmade Limited Edition Luxury Keepsake Quilts are behind the brand Vintage and Floral London, which was started by artisan quilter Jennifer Campbell Kirk.

Making Memory Quilts were a life saver for Jennifer, as they became creative therapy after she lost both her parents in quick succession. With the help of her American mother in law she started making patchwork quilts which saw her sewing for up to 8-9 hours a day.

Now quilting is her lifeline and she loves to create beautiful inspiring quilts for others as bespoke customised commissions, working on other memory quilts to commemorate special moments in a person’s life. From baby cloths quilts to wedding signature quilts, Jennifer has it all covered and even offers consultations in Regent Street London for those who have a design project in mind.

The Vintage and Floral limited edition range of handmade quilts offer the discerning buyer something truly special. Each quilt design is one of a kind and individually handmade on order with only 9 being made in the design range at any one time, making them wonderful functional collectors heirloom pieces too.  

The Vintage and Floral London handmade quilts are inspired by historical quilt collections, traditions, techniques and patterns dating from 1700’s through to the 1900’s. Jenifer’s passion is researching the archives for ideas that she adapts for modern living that will tie in with many home interior projects.

By using a fusion of sewing machine stitching with traditional hand quilting methods, Jennifer is able to combine a number of quilting techniques, choosing to work with natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and bamboo. Jennifer loves the fact she can use traditional techniques in her quilting work, passed down to her by her late mother-in-law, just as the knowledge and skills of patchwork quilting was historically passed down through the generations from one woman to another. Jennifer also passes on her knowledge, skill and learning to others by teaching her own patchwork and quilting methods.

Vintage and Floral London are known for their unique use of fabrics, personalisation and elegant design. Jennifer’s quilts can be found in private homes and she has worked on many commercial commissions with interior designers too. Personalisation through monogramming in a number of ways is available and Jennifer’s designs and techniques are influenced by geometric shapes, colour, a sense of fun, nostalgia and shaker simplicity.

You can find out more about why Vintage and Floral London are different here. 

Get in touch with Jennifer to discuss your customised quilt today on 020 7666 3347 or by email at [email protected]

  1. Wedding Memory Patchwork Quilt

    Keepsake Memory Patchwork Quilts & Cushions by Vintage and Floral

    Beautiful, bespoke patchwork Memory Quilts, Keepsake Blankets & Keepsake Cushions made from your treasured adult, child or baby clothes are all made in the UK by Vintage and Floral. Memory quilts from clothing are an interesting way to create a keepsake quilt that lasts a lifetime. A quilt made of baby clothes is just one excellent way to capture treasured memories of happy childhoods forever. A memory blanket from clothing will work for all and with a luxury bespoke memory patchwork quilt service from Vintage and Floral London you are assured of a perfect keepsake quilt that suits your style. Giving someone you love a memory patchwork cushion is also the perfect way to gift a memory or two. A mum would love to receive a Keepsake Memory Quilt that brings together a range of treasured children's clothes and a wife would treasure romantic memories stitched into a quilted blanket to remind her of her wedding day or other special memory.

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  2. Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt Vintage and Floral London

    Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt

    A Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt is a handmade quilt that has been made from clothes, cloth, lace, or textiles that once belonged or resonated with a loved one who has passed away. Parting with a lost loved one's clothing full of memories is often difficult and by creating a beautiful, artful and inspired Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt, it is possible to keep someone loved close. A Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt is a thoughtful and gentle way to give comfort at a sad and sorrowful time and the perfect way to bring treasured memories into everyday life. Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilts come in all shapes and sizes to suit style, décor, or use. A comfort blanket or throw for cosy warmth on the bed or sofa are two options and a wall hanging another. Vintage and Floral London will work sympathetically with you to create your own Memorial Patchwork Memory Quilt, understanding only too well how therapeutic such a project can be at a time of loss, sorrow and heartache.

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  3. Personalised Wedding Guest Signature Quilt Vintage and Floral London

    Personalised Wedding Guest Signature Quilt

    A Personalised Wedding Guest Signature Quilt, or a handcrafted personalised wedding cushion is an original way to capture your guest’s good wishes at the start of your married life. Capturing the romantic memories of your special day by asking your guests to sign your handmade wedding quilt is the perfect alternative to a guest book. By working with Vintage and Floral London you can create in advance of your wedding a bespoke throw, bed cover, or wall hanging that suits the style of your interiors or bedroom decor before showcasing it as your very own Personalised Wedding Guest Signature Quilt at your wedding reception. Alternatively plan your Personalised Wedding Guest Signature Quilt in advance with Vintage and Floral and get your guests to sign fabric patches left on the wedding breakfast tables with fabric writing pen, so that after your wedding day you can send them to Jennifer of Vintage and Floral London, who will start work on your agreed Personalised Wedding Guest Signature Quilt design.

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  4. Luxury Indigo Shibori Design Silk Cushions

    These unique hand dyed silk indigo cushions have been created using a traditional Japanese printing design technique called Shibori. By folding and compressing the silk fabric by hand with indigo dye, Vintage and Floral London have created an adaptable textile that becomes a work of art. By adding hand quilting to the silk fabric, Jennifer creates a beautiful range of Luxury Indigo Shibori Design Silk Cushions that are all individually inspiring and perfect for chic home interiors that have a minimal appeal, or a blue toned theme. As these Luxury Indigo Shibori Design Silk Cushions have been layered inside against the silk fabric, they are robust and soft to the touch, making them very adaptable for use within the home.

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  5. Indigo Shibori Design Silk Scarf by Vintage and Floral

    These beautiful soft Indigo Shibori Design Silk Scarves by Vintage and Floral London are perfect for complementing a smart casual outfit. The indigo blues in these hand dyed silk scarves will work well with a jacket, or a white shirt and jeans. Light and airy, the Indigo Shibori Design Silk Scarf is finished with a hand rolled edge to complete the quality look. Each silk scarf is hand dyed in natural indigo, making them unique fashion accessories, as no two are ever the same. These silk scarves make excellent gifts as they come gift boxed too, perfect for birthday presents delivered to the door. Choose between a Chiffon Silk or Ponge Silk version of the Indigo Shibori Design Scarf, team it up with your favourite jewellery and set out to enjoy your day. Oh and don't forget the sunglasses!

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  6. Amish Country Style Patchwork Quilts

    These Amish Country Style Patchwork Quilts are perfect for creating a clean crisp feel to your bedroom decor, and with choices available to fit a single or double bed, you are sure to find a design that will work in a children's bedroom, a gentleman's bachelor pad, or a family home. The Welsh Strippy Quilt is taken from an Amish patchwork design that was originally adapted from the mid 19th century quilts made by the Welsh immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. These Amish Country Style Patchwork Quilts are bold and colourful and are ideal for brightening up a plain interior design, suiting a minimalistic shabby chic style. The Little Red Square Quilt is perfect for a children's bedroom and makes an ideal heirloom quilt too, whereas the luxury Welsh Strippey Quilts with their bold colours make great comforters for adults who want to brighten up the inside of a holiday home, log cabin, boat or barge.

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  7. Traditional American Log Cabin Quilt

    These limited edition Traditional American Log Cabin Quilts are made by Vintage and Floral London. By using a block quilting design these log cabin quilts capture the essence of one of the oldest American quilt pattern traditions that date back to around 1860. The bold clockwise strips of Navy Blue & White, or Mustard & Dark Beige are a fabulous way to add a dramatic colour scheme to a bedroom and is a perfect light weight but warm bed cover for a single bed or cot bed. The Traditional American Log Cabin Quilt is an excellent option for a boy’s bedroom as it is engaging, fun and inspiring with a minimalistic appeal and no fuss. As there are only 9 of each design, these Traditional American Log Cabin Quilts are great to pass down the generations too. There is also a big retro version of the Mustard & Dark Beige Log Cabin Quilt that is suitable as a medium weight bed covering, or wall hanging, either way they will add a touch of rustic chic style to your home.

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    from £180.00
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