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Basket Maker & Willow Woven Baskets, Shropshire - Ted Bruce

Ted Bruce

Ted Bruce lived in various parts of the country before settling in Shropshire in the 1980’s. He had a varied career before taking up basket making which he has pursued as a full time occupation since 1998.

His work is now strictly functional, combining simplicity of design with excellent craftsmanship, reflecting contemporary style whilst retaining traditional working weaves and techniques. His long association with the countryside affords him a natural affinity with his materials (willow) and this is reflected in his beautiful, sturdy, ‘last-a-lifetime’ baskets. Reflecting two of his interests (namely food and gardening) his standard range of work now includes many baskets for use in domestic or garden settings, as his strong attractive woven baskets are ideal for harvesting, storing or displaying fruit or vegetables.

Much of his work is now made to order and recent commissions include a pair of very large round tree ‘tubs’ for the entrance to a London hotel and two woven baskets to be filled with Shropshire produce and presented to The Queen and Prince Philip on a jubilee year visit to Shropshire

All Ted's woven basket's are hand crafted to the highest possible standards and are pieces of practical art that would work in any household, garden or picnic environment. The natural colours of the willow used by Ted only enhance their beauty.

Ted himself says the following;

"All my baskets are hand crafted from English grown willow, some of it commercially produced in Somerset and the rest is grown locally by me to provide a variety of different colours. I usually work willow with the bark still on for texture and the ‘natural look’, aiming to produce work which is strong and sturdy as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing. Each basket is unique and most are fashioned using at least two different colours of willow. Your imagination will inevitably determine their use."
  1. Log Baskets

    Contain and display your logs in traditionally woven, willow, log baskets by Ted Bruce. Each one is unique

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    from £61.00
  2. GG Oval Shopper Wicker Basket by Ted Bruce

    GG Oval Basket Shopper

    Beautifully shaped oval basket, ideal for small scale shopping or quick picnics - or in the craft room, too

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  3. Oval Wicker Basket by Ted Bruce

    Oval Tool Basket

    A smaller version of the shopper basket, this oval design is handy for use in the garden and indoors, too

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  4. Oval Trug Wicker Basket by Ted Bruce

    Oval Trug Basket

    This classic garden basket for collecting flowers or produce from the garden will be useful indoors, too

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  5. Square Garden Basket

    This square garden basket is for collecting flowers or produce from the garden, but use it indoors, too

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    from £38.00
  6. Round Bottle Wicker Basket by Ted Bruce

    Round Bottle Basket

    Suitable for carrying bottles but much more versatile without the partition, we'd use this in the garden, too

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  7. Waste-Paper Basket by Ted Bruce

    Willow Waste Paper Basket

    Practical and attractive, this willow waste-paper basket is an asset to any study.

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  8. Willow Tray by Ted Bruce

    Willow Tray

    It is is always great to serve food and drinks on a tray and why not on a handcrafted woven one

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