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Fashion and Beauty Ideas - Fashion & Beauty

Fashion Ideas for you and your family and some of the best natural beauty ideas, great for gifts or for yourself.
  1. Ladies Linen Scarves By Julia Brendel

    Add a little country chic to your wardrobe with one of these ladies linen scarves for women by patterned fabric designer Julia Brendel. These soft linen women's scarves are ideal to wear with any outfit and can be used all year round. The light silky linen in subtle colours of blue or lavender will allow you to choose a linen scarf to dress up a casual look, or complete a chic sophisticated outfit, whatever the occasion. These fabric and pattern designs are inspired by traditional folklore patterns from around the World.

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  2. Reversible Cashmere Silk Scarves For Men by Julia Brendel

    Make a statement of excellence with one of these luxury Hungarica reversible cashmere mix scarves with silk for men by fabric designer Julia Brendel, in either navy, grey or black. Perfect for formal attire in the city or a smart casual look in the country at weekends. Julia Brendel fabric pattern designs are inspired by old traditions, folk art and heritage designs from around the World and the old meets new add an inspired new look to a reversible scarf that is chic and practical at the same time.

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  3. Seascape Uplift Awake Oil

    Seascape Uplift Awake Oil

    Eucalyptus oil is known for its cooling invigorating sensations. The Seascape Uplift Awake Oil is an alarm clock in a bottle and ideal for waking up the senses first thing in the morning or during a sluggish afternoon when tiredness sets in! Instead of reaching for a strong coffee try rolling on a natural Eucalyptus infused uplifting oil that has an extra zing of Lime essential oil to energize the body and Lavender to refresh the senses. Seascape excels in providing little helpful remedies to see us through the day and this Uplift Awake Oil is packaged so you can use it conveniently at a moment’s notice.

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    Seascape Island Apothecary

    0845 003 5255 | [email protected]
  4. LouLouBelle Moisturising Face Sets

    Look after your skin day or night with a moisturising face set from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare. Enjoy a creamy moisturiser during the day and a night time facial oil while you sleep.

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  5. Nuvola Rosa Mohair Scarf

    This is a beautiful Nuvola Rosa Mohair Scarf made from British yarn. Superbly stylish, the pink colours will complement any outfit for any occasion.

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  6. Rosa Merino Wool Scarf

    These unique handwoven merino and nylon scarves are a great lightweight cover up. Beautifully made, this elegant scarf is perfect for the winter months.

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  7. Sun Merino Wool Scarf

    This lightweight merino and shetland wool scarf is made from luxury British yarn. Handwoven by Laura Anotel, this scarf is an excellent cover up that is perfect for the winter months and any formal or informal occasion.

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  8. Eau de Nil Scarf

    This beautifully elegant silk, cashmere and alpaca lightweight scarf, is handwoven by Laura Antonel using British yarns. Outstandingly distinctive and pretty, this Eau de Nil Scarf will make a stunning cover up at weddings.

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  9. White of Cornwall Wool Scarf

    This wool and silk scarf is made from British yarns and is hand woven using traditional Venetian weaving methods by Laura Antonel. An elegant distinctive design that will look fabulous as a cover up wrap for any occasion.

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  10. Orange Merino Wool Scarf

    This is a beautiful colourful merino wool scarf made from British yarn. Superbly stylish, the orange colours will spice up any everyday fashion style and would look equally stunning with a black evening dress.

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  11. Patz Hatz Special Occasion Range

    Choose your special occasion piece from Patz Hatz and customise the colours to match or contrast your occasion outfits.

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  12. LouLouBelle Natural Moisturisers

    Aromatherapy inspired skincare products from LouLouBelle Natural Skincare, that offer a combination of natural essential oils blended together with floral oils, to create a light moisturising cream to benefit all skin types. Beautifully scented these face moisturisers have lots to offer you in your daily skincare regime.

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