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When I first came across Make The Most Of (MTMO), the first thing that piqued my interest was the amount of services offered and how much weight it would take off my shoulders so I could focus on developing my business. Of course, reading about a service and what is offers can sometimes differ greatly when it comes down to actually getting the service. With MTMO however, what you get is something much more than what is advertised. I had the impression that I was joining a large corporate pyramid and would most likely end up with a faceless humanoid providing only what was listed in the brochure. Instead I was welcomed into a community and invited to become part of this community to work together to accomplish our goals. After having been a member of this community for some time now, I’ve had the chance to experience what it is like to be a part of something special. The MTMO community has been built on trust and each member I’ve had contact with so far has been friendly, eager to help and prepared to work with me to see that we all succeed. For me, working with MTMO is not just about their online services, it’s about being a part of hard working team dedicated to their vision and achieving not only their own goals, but mine as well. The time spent on creating blogs, adverts, social media posts and promotions goes far beyond what I expected. There aren’t many companies these days that offer the kind of personal marketing strategies in the way that MTMO do. It is a pleasure working with them, I would highly recommend their services to any small business looking to compete with global giants! Gavin Rhodes - [email protected] Sales Manager Candles In Bloom –

Gavin Rhodes Gavin Rhodes Candles In Bloom

Julia Brendel Limited is a new and exciting fabrics and soft furnishings designer based in Kent. Incorporated two and half years ago, we are of course always looking for ways in which to market and sell our collections. Over the last couple of years, we have signed partnership deals with a number of internet retailers in The UK, Europe and Asia but I would say that we decline invitations from such e-Tailers on a ratio of 5:1. The rationale behind this is often their Terms and Conditions, revenue sharing agreements, lack of experience in the industry and general lack of a cogent business model that make us feel unprotected in an age where so much information is online. What has become clear to us over the years since our inception, is that there is significant fatigue amongst small and/or new companies in terms of who offers the strongest support to actually assist in online retailing. With MTMO, it is simply not just about selling…there is a strong focus on actually helping companies to promote themselves and “spread the Word”. There are marketing strategies, blogs, an online directory that actually helps push buyers directly to our website – MTMO do not worry that the sale may end up being direct with us and not via their site – an indication of where their heart and business plan is focusing. Simply put, if we are successful, then MTMO will be too. We’ve only very recently finished the set-up with MTMO and sure enough, made our first sale almost immediately. Furthermore, and unlike many other (please note: I do not use the word “competing” as I have not seen a comparable company) websites, MTMO do not add in brands that may compete with our own … their plan is to put together elegant, unique and timeless designers who complement each other, not compete and offer the client a wide range of choice. We’re new to MTMO and have so far been highly impressed with the company, its business model and staff who have all made the process of joining their community a truly simple one.

Julia Brendel Ltd Julia Brendel Ltd

Thanks for all the promotion you are doing we love how it all looks!

Accentuate Games Ltd Accentuate Games Ltd

In working with Make The Most Of, we can be sure of getting both outstanding exposure to our target group via the website, newsletter, social media and word of mouth. We are working with a team that is like-minded, a team that only wants to work with the best British brands and a team that positions our products with other brands that we are happy to share the page with. This opportunity is something that we fully intend to make the most of

Stuart Mactavish, Director Stuart Mactavish, Director Seascape Island Apothecary

Thank you for sending me the details of “make the most of” It is impressive I must say, neat, easy & stylish. I am interested! With many thanks

Kate Kate

I must say that I am so excited at the prospect of working with you guys & MTMO community. From the moment that I met you here at the quarry and listened to the presentation, I was impressed. Not only with the professionalism that came across but the entire concept of Making The Most Of.

Slateware Slateware

I am sending this message to thank Poppy and Millie for their kindness in rectifying a mistake that I made on my latest order. I really appreciate their help and yours for being so thoughtful. I hope to order again in the future. Once again many thanks.

Lesley Lesley

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